Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy presents: WIP shows by Balthazar Dark and Thom Bee

Contributed by Jonny Collins

Last week we had the 2nd of our 4 preview double-bills with club favourites Thom Bee & Andrew Marsh (a.k.a. No Money In The Bank) performing both of their debut solo shows ahead of a tour at the end of the month.

A modest audience turnout, but an engaged and excited one nonetheless for one of the most bonkers shows in Blizzard Comedy history (and earlier this year we had Cheekykita and Tom Short on the same bill!)

Thom went first with 45 minutes of upbeat millennial nihilism, chock full of references to B-movie horrors and staples of gay cinema that will definitely appeal to the gays, girls and mentally ills in their 30s that serve as one of our primary demographics.

Indeed at least half the room expressed being personally attacked by many of the talking points Thom brought up whilst self-deprecating, making him arguably the voice of a generation, just not in a revolutionary way, more in a “Actually, maybe I should go to therapy” way. But hey, we can’t overthrow the government if we’re all depressed quoting mean girls at each other whilst none of us are orgasming due to the antidepressants we’re on. Or maybe we can, have we tried that? Can’t hurt.

Thom’s show is bound to connect with you and serves as an uplifting series of anecdotes about some very difficult times in his life and struggles he’s had to work through – making it a textbook Edinburgh award contender if he was going – but Edinburgh is even more expensive than it ever has been, and offers even less incentive to grassroots acts – so, you know, fuck ‘em.

After the interval, Andrew Marsh presented his iconic wrestler character Balthazar Dark in a form which we’ve all been dying to see.

Balthazar is always the most memorable part of any line up, so to see him given free reign over a whole hour fulfilled all our expectations. There’s only so much I can tell you if you haven’t seen him, as Balthazar really is one of those acts you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate.

Like Thom – Balthazar’s set is full of references to 90s and 00s culture – if there’s ever an equivalent of “Spaced” for Millennials rather than Gen X – I want it to be written by these two.

Unlike Thom, rather than being a surprisingly self aware account of personality disorders and personal struggles – Balthazar’s hour is a delightful mesh of niche jokes and pure chaotic energy as Balthazar leads a chant of his own name, demonstrates basic wrestling moves, and tells is the tragic Balthazar Dark backstory.

If you’re like me and enjoy comedy that is impossible to reverse engineer the thought process behind it, then this is a must-see show. Pure, unrestrained chaos.

You can see both of these shows in Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Penryn and Brighton in the last week of July – book through here:

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