The Trans Body | Ela Bambust

Contributed by Ela Bambust. “Transgender.”  That conjures up some imagery, I think. For some it’s probably the “ha ha man in a dress” jokes that have been a staple of television and cinema in the past hundred years. For others it’s dramatic movies lit with natural light about people who get themselves admitted into the … Continue reading The Trans Body | Ela Bambust

My ten biggest influences in comedy | Jonny Collins

Contributed by Jonny Collins Earlier this year, I was reflecting on an old, scrapped YouTube project of mine, which was all about who I considered to be the biggest influences on my comedy. It was a little arrogant to think that less than two years into stand-up, with no paid gigs under my belt that … Continue reading My ten biggest influences in comedy | Jonny Collins

The thing about cancel culture

Contributed by Jonny Collins The thing that upsets me about "Cancel Culture" as a phrase - is that people use it to mean anything from people not booking/platforming known sex offenders, to voicing your disagreement at a public figures views and public statements. Cancel culture is an entirely made up phenomenon based on (predominantly men) … Continue reading The thing about cancel culture