The thing about cancel culture

Contributed by Jonny Collins The thing that upsets me about “Cancel Culture” as a phrase – is that people use it to mean anything from people not booking/platforming known sex offenders, to voicing your disagreement at a public figures views and public statements. Cancel culture is an entirely made up phenomenon based on (predominantly men)Continue reading “The thing about cancel culture”

The sobriety of variety: Why we made the Diversity Quota

Contributed by Eliott Simpson Comedy provides more than laughter; it provides understanding, empathy, education, and absurdity from an all-sorts assortment of amazing talent. But in order to stay relevant and engaging, exciting and revolutionary, comedy needs variety in its voices: new and different viewpoints to keep crowds confined to their seats. Although the industry hasContinue reading “The sobriety of variety: Why we made the Diversity Quota”

More than a punchline – the joy of queer comedy

Contributed by Quenby Harley I’m a queer comedian and performance artist. My gender identity and sexuality are a big part of my identity, so a lot of material reflects on these experiences. I perform at events on the comedy, spoken word, and drag circuits. Standup was my first passion as a performer and I stillContinue reading “More than a punchline – the joy of queer comedy”

We have some thoughts about that award-winning ‘florets’ joke

On Monday, Dave awarded Olaf Falafel Funniest Joke of the Fringe for this pun: “I keep randomly shouting out ‘broccoli’ and ‘cauliflower’ – I think I might have florets.” A Tourette’s Syndrome charity has since asked for an apology. No one has asked me what my opinion is on the issue. But I’m gonna tellContinue reading “We have some thoughts about that award-winning ‘florets’ joke”