Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy LIVE, featuring Rachel Creeger

4th show of the year! 2022 hasn’t been the best of luck for us so far. Cancelled in Jan ‘cause of covid rates – cancelled again in May ‘cause I had covid – I’ve only actually done 2 live gigs this year, and they were both in April. Honestly not sure I remember how to be funny in the room with people.

On the bright side, that wasn’t a concern for June, as we had the wonderful Sam Serrano taking the reigns guest hosting an incredible line-up of acts that remind me why I love running this gig so much.

Sam absolutely smashed hosting duties – with their cheeky yet sharp wit on full display alongside an endearing chaotic energy that kept the audience hanging on their every anecdote and musing, no matter how nonsensical they became. Whether they were commenting on the trans experience or mistaking someone in the front row for someone from Love Island, Sam kept the audience in the palm of their hand throughout and hyped them up for our fantastic acts in a way I can only dream of!

Our first act Bella Humphries did not let the momentum down. Bella is in many ways the comedian who misogynistic boomer men fear when they think of female comedians – full of confidence, not afraid to broach graphic content, and wittier than any of them could ever be. Bella too oozes charm in a cheeky sort of way, and is as powerful a jokewriter as I’ve ever seen.

After the interval we had two more acts – the first of which was Jono Murray. Hardcore Blizzard fans (really need to come up with a name for you – Blizzkids? No. BlizzHARDS? Definitely not. I’ll have a think) will recognize him from our livestream – but this is the first time I’ve ever seen him live, and what a treat that was. Jono is absolutely lovely offstage, and alongside that absolutely hysterical on. Jono candidly talks about his struggles in a way that engages and includes everyone, and pulls it off in such a pleasant and light hearted tone that you can’t help laughing along with him. Part of booking for blizzard comedy means being wary at white men applying for our gig – but Jono fits right in with the rest of our acts as one of the most Punk Rock comedians of our generation.

Closing the second section was Blizzard Regular but first time performer Nathan Tommis. Another white man, we’re spoiling you. Nathan has a cool, confident and to the point delivery, which combined with a slick sense of humour, interesting insights on his neurodivergence, and sexuality, coupled with genuinely brilliant jokes make him an absolute natural in the world of comedy. Very excited to see what he does next.

And closing the show we had an absolutely brilliant headliner by way of Rachel Creeger. Rachel started her set by dancing and lip syncing to “Let My People Go-Go” by the Rainmakers – which is a brilliant microcosm of her act. Fun, silly, and classic rock ‘n’ roll. Rachel’s set covers a wide range of topics, but a throughline of everything she does is a sense of fun and playfulness that make her the life and soul of any line-up she’s present on.. Whether she’s telling stories about parenting, or sex education at a religious school, through the incredibly unique lens of Orthodox Judaism – Rachel Creeger oozes fun, and gave me a much needed reminder as a somewhat jaded comedy promoter that of course comedy should be fun. Yes it can be a valuable tool to spread ideas and values and critique some of the less favourable aspects of our society. But at its core, comedy is for entertainment, and there are few entertainers I can think of as effortlessly skilled as Rachel.

An absolutely incredible return by all accounts. Lots of new guests in the audience, every act gushing about how lovely a time they had, and a much enjoyed return to Gullivers for this little show that we work so hard on for you every month. If you missed the show you can watch the edited stream on at 7:00pm on Monday 20th June – or 14 days thereafter.

And tickets for our next show on the 23rd June featuring full previews of Blizzard favourites Umby Winters and Hannah Platt can be reserved here: