“I thrive on chaos” | Eryn Tett on forging her own chaotic path through the comedy scene and finding her audience

What is your show about?

“Known for her unique off-beat comedy, Eryn Tett can be difficult to categorise. Forever unpredictable, Eryn’s incisive joke writing mixes with an expansive sense of absurdism to cause chaos amongst even the savviest rooms. Caught up between belly laughs and lingering giggles, blank faces watch as their friends wipe away tears for reasons that only evade them. Although clearly rooted in the confines of stand up, she’s far west from the mainstream, setting up the future of cult comedy. But with no clear path to follow, she has often wondered what her journey through the comedy world would entail. She always gets the same advice: ‘find your audience.’ So now she will. In the most efficient way possible.

With a style that toes the line between straight standup and absurdism, classic misfit and newly proactive Eryn Tett (Funny Women Stage Award Runner up 2021 / Cherry Comedy Breakout Act of the Year Winner 2020) is collecting important data in search of ‘her audience.’ Holding a series of ‘focus groups’ across the country, armed with a wall of mug shots, notes and very scientific detailed analysis, Eryn will be performing her show while gathering valuable feedback; learning everything she needs to know to truly define and ultimately find her audience. From calculating the statistics of where ‘her audience’ likes to sit to extracting their deepest passions, every bit of information contributes to Eryn honing into her exact target demographic, with the hopes of creating a flawless Eryn-Tett’s- audience-attracting ad campaign.

From misunderstanding moody candles, redefining ‘baby on board’ badges to unpacking her recent encounter with therapy and new diagnosis, ‘Eryn Tett Finds Her Audience’ is a bizarre exploration of her unique perspective. Expect word play, odd observations and surreal storytelling set to a charmingly uncomfortable rhythm, as Eryn takes an entirely literal approach to the sage advice: ‘find your audience.’ “

What motivated you to do this show?

As someone who is a bit off beat, I often get the advice ‘find your audience.’ So I was like… I’ll do that then. In the quickest most efficient way possible. Collecting audience data, and their actual faces.

If this is your first hour, how does the writing process compare to a club set?

I’m focusing a lot more on format. I’m not someone who usually likes a narrative or tells stories. In my clubs sets I kind of thrive on the chaos of jumping from topic to topic and short joke to short joke. But I think that can be quite relentless for an hour! So I had to think of another way. For this show the ‘narrative’ is over the course of all the shows instead of within the show. I’ve been collecting data, which builds the story with each performance as I bring all of my ‘audience’ together.

What kind of audiences do you typically do better with in your experience?

For me it’s the comedy nerds! I love performing to people who really know and love the underground scene. You get to really shake up the norms with those guys as they are always open minded and up for it. I also think I found a similar level with more ‘visual’ learners, who can really picture my jokes in their minds! And of course … the weirdos who thrive in awkwardness.

If things get uncomfortable my reaction is always to dive deeper into it. I love when they dive straight in with me.

When/Where can we see your show?

June 21st, The Stand Society, DURHAM
June 29th, Comedy Balloon, MANCHESTER
July 2nd, LEEEDS
July 12th, Cellar Threatre, HUDDERSFIELD
July 28th, Blizzard Comedy, MANCHESTER
July 29th, CHORLEY
Tickets: https://eryntettcomedy.tumblr.com/eryntettfindsheraudience

Aug 4-14, 16-28
Just the Tonic at The Iron
Tickets: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/eryn-tett-finds-her-audience

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