Benny Shakes and Stuart Dunlop vs Mabel Slattery and Tom Short || Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche

As long as live entertainment is still restricted and we can’t take our best game to the stage, we’ll be continuing with Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche.

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The next episode of Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche will be live on Monday 27th September 2021

This month our show features:

Mabel Slattery

Hailing from a small village in Cornwall, Mabel Slattery is presumed to be the result of a clandestine Pagan ritual in which a hobbit, a kitten, a small whirlwind and a thesaurus were inexpertly combined.

and Tom Short

“Impossible not to love” – HopScotch Friday

Tom Short is an award winning comedian that has a burning desire truly to entertain.

Tom’s genuine friendliness has earned him fans with almost everyone he comes across who fall in love with his charm, energy and quick wit. Tom is cut from a different cloth coming from Salford, being brought up working class and having meagre beginnings in an environment that stamped out differences and creativity, he rose through this and is authentically himself for all to see and this endears him with every audience member he performs in front of this has been described as ‘Stealth comedy. The best kind’ (The Skinny).

with team captain Thom Bee

Thom is a Manchester-based comedian who began performing comedy in Berlin, Germany in 2015. Trained as a circus performer, and working on the UK circus festival circuit as a compere before transitioning to comedy, Thom has a wide-ranging, approachable and likable style.

“A standup fool, rising like a mighty, hungry dragon on Manchester’s comedy scene.” – Flim Nite, Manchester


Benny Shakes

Benny Shakes is a powerhouse of ‘funny’ built on a foundation of clever joke writing, from the daily struggles of living with a disability to his observations on redneck life.

Benny is a relatable and affable comic who ‘raises the roof’ every time.
He does several shows online – Benny Shakes Things Up and Below The Belt with Benny. He is booked to do several fringes around England in 2021.

and Stuart Dunlop

Described by colleagues as ‘tolerable’ and ‘like a British Steve Buscemi’, Stuart started improvising in the Berlin comedy scene before moving to Sheffield. He performs comedy as both himself and wrestling manager/positivity guru Mitch Merkabah. He is also one member of the Alternative Cobra Meeting comedy collective and is the creator and writer of the sci-fi audio comedy Kio & Maxi’s Adventures in Everything.

with team captain Kirstie

“Too attractive” – Chris

Our admin and promotor from day one, Kurt has become a regular feature of Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche over the past year. In that time she’s launched a new show where she chats to comedians, musicians and other creators every week, has cycled all over London and moved house twice.

And featuring special guest host Quenby Harley

Queer, feminist, and occasionally filthy. Quenby shares stories about gender, sexuality, and being a broke ass bitch so the audience can share a laugh at their (mis)adventures.

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