Introducing the teams for Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche Episode 8 | Kat Molinari and Ela Bambust vs John Cooper and Alex Stringer

As long as live entertainment is still restricted and we can’t take our best game to the stage, we’ll be continuing with Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche. If you’ve missed the episodes we’ve streamed so far, you can find them all on our YouTube channel here:

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Our next show will be streamed live on Monday 21st December.

Our guests for this episodes are:
On Kurt’s team:
Punsexual queen of the north, Kat Molinari started off her career by forgetting to leave space for people to laugh. She turns her comedy lens on everything from mental health to her religious upbringing and we’re snagging her to turn it to this month’s news.

Ela Bambust is, ostensibly, an author. What this actually means is that she spends a lot of time drinking coffee and stressing about the relationship status of fictional characters, and bothering her cat, before severely abusing an old and battered keyboard for several hours. Somehow, words come out the other end, and the result appears to be something approaching literature.
She’s written 3 books (this year) and has managed to keep all of them unpublished, though most of her work can be read online for free at

On Thom’s team:
Stand up comedian, illustrator and improviser, John Cooper can regularly be found showing off his skills with Comedysportz UK. Catch his cartoons on Twitter and his take on the month’s news on our next show.
“His audience interaction is flawless” – The Skinny
“Cutting wit” – Three Weeks

Alex is just a comedian, standing in front of a zoom gig, asking them to love me.
“Like the best friend you always wanted – but way, way funnier!” – Nodding Dog Comedy

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