Sound of Our Revolution | November 2020: Antifascist Anthems

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely did not expect the election to go that way. After about 6 votes in the last decade in the UK and US alike going the absolutely worst way they could’ve possibly gone, I for one assumed at best a close call majority for Trump. But at the risk of jinxing some massive development that changes the result – Biden actually won with a fairly significant margin.

This by no means fixes any of the problems facing US citizens in the immediate future. The fact that it was as close as it was indicates that Trump still has a worrying support base behind him. I don’t know what the next 4 years will be like for the US, but I’m fairly certain Trump fanatics are not going to shut up any time soon. And meanwhile neoliberalism will be in full force, and a Republican lead senate will likely block any meaningful change Biden tries to enact (assuming he will even attempt to actually improve things for American citizens, which is unlikely).

That being said – there is a small comfort to be taken in the fact that the US has, at least for now, rejected all out fascism.

Trump clearly isn’t conceding however, and the next few months are going to be chaotic. So what better time to curate a playlist of antifascist anthems, than when an actual fascist is determined to undermine democracy!

This month’s playlist is just that – Antifascist songs to punch Neo-Nazis to!

#1: Civil War – Body Count

What side you on when the shit pops off?
Black or white, wrong or right?
(Civil war)
Rich or poor, urban war
Shit might just jump off tonight”

Body Count are a staple of these playlists, soz.

This track featuring the one and only Dave Mustaine guest soloing says it all from the title “Civil War”. Seems fitting given that Trump is trying to incite one that we tackle it.

Trump is not stupid – he knows he has no proof that any voter fraud has occurred. He knows that he lost the election despite attempts to rig it – and not as a result of Democrats rigging it.

But that doesn’t matter. He has a loyal following – and by just creating the narrative that the Democrats were engaging in dodgy election behaviours (even though they are provably untrue) and raising legal cases in swing states only to have exasperated judges throw out the cases as baseless – this merely reinforces his narrative to his millions of supporters (many of whom are armed).

They will see any evidence to the contrary as the state and the elite trying to cover up, and cementing the idea that Trump is the anti-establishment president. If the Democrats are trying to undermine democracy, then they will fight dirty. Trump is cleverer than he lets on. He knows that he has no way to recover this election – but he can manipulate and rally his followers to cause a lot of trouble for those who voted against him, and the political establishments which turned their backs on him as soon as it was clear that he was a lost cause.

Whether there will be full on civil war or not, I don’t know. I’d like to think that his fanatical fans are a small percentage of his supporters, and most of his voters would just be Republicans who have shit politics but broadly respect democracy.

But it certainly can’t be taken off the table. And if that’s the case? You will have to pick a side.

A theme when curating this playlist was how damaging neo-liberalism can be. Make no mistake – you can’t opt out of this one. Choosing not to get involved is supporting Trump – and by extension anti democracy. Inaction makes you just as dangerous to marginalized and oppressed groups as gun obsessed far right fanatics.

Don’t be a Clegg – stand up for what’s right. Use your white privilege for some good for a change..

#2: The Hand that Feeds – Nine Inch Nails

Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
Will you stay down on your knees?”

I wrote a lot about that last entry – so I’ll be brief with this one.

This is the song that got me into NIN, and while strictly written about the Bush Administration, pretty much applies to most western governments of the last few decades. Absolute tune.

#3: Take The Power Back – Rage Against The Machine

So called facts are fraud
They want us to allege and pledge
And bow down to their God
Lost the culture, the culture lost
Spun our minds and through time
Ignorance has taken over
Yo, we gotta take the power back!”

Bit of hyperbole (I never read that word right first time) with this one – as a Biden Presidency in a Republican lead senate isn’t exactly what I’d describe as taking the power back – but it’s been a long time since we’ve had anything resembling a victory to celebrate, so fuck it, I’ma do it.

#4: Politics – Bad Religion

What is right and what is wrong, government decides
You don’t have to like the laws as long as you abide
We’re all being oppressed by the upper-middle class
The government you vote for is the one that you possess”

Everything great about Bad Religion – low fi as fuck, short, simple with a key core message. Fuck government oppression. But at the same time, we do have more power than we realize if we wanted to co-ordinate and actually use it. Both a comforting and a terrifying feeling – as the alt-right are growing in both numbers and confidence. A revolution from their side is the last thing we need.

We can’t get complacent, we need to keep fighting this culture of misinformation, manipulation and fascism.

#5: 1933 – Frank Turner

The first time it was a tragedy
The second time is a farce
Outside it’s 1933 so I’m hitting the bar

Recommended by a fan. I like Frank Turner a lot, but I haven’t heard this one before. Pretty fitting in my opinion – although hitting the bar is currently out of the question.

#6: Bash The Fash – Oi Polloi

B.N.P. scum marching on your street
They even get elected when they should get beat
Beat off the streets that belong to us
You won’t stop them with chants and placards so just

There’s nothing like pure “Oi!” punk to get you riled up and ready to kick some neo-Nazi teeth in.

This song is from the ’90s but resonates just as true today. There is no benefit to engaging these people with debate. Your friends and fellow humans of colour do not have that option. Help defend them in their fight, rather than trying to resolve this through compromise. The compromise between Nazism and liberalism is Nazism.

They will use you to their advantage, and then destroy you – make no mistake.

#7 What Did We Do To You To Deserve This? – Maximo Park

You forgot to tell the truth, now it’s too far away
When the auditors add it up in the books, will you keep them at bay?
You forgot to censor yourself with your limited brain
And there’s a look upon your face that says that you can’t take the strain”

Another fan recommended track. I’m not familiar with this band or song at all – but lyrically it appears to be entirely about the Trump administration – so a fitting send off I feel.

#8 The Ranks of The Masses Rising – Anti-Flag

Your gas n guns, your clubs n thugs, your lies on the TV,
None of that can save you now as your reign is swept away.”

Another optimistic track from Anti-Flag here. I don’t know what’s coming to us next. But Trump being swept away is at least satisfying on a personal level – even if politically nothing changes. We need to take solace in the wins we get, without losing sight of what needs working on and fighting. Anti-Flag are a great protest band, and this song captures both feelings really well.

#9 The Guillotine – The Coup

They got the TV, we got the truth
They own the judges and we got the proof
We got hella people, they got helicopters
They got the bombs and we got the, we got the

We got the guillotine
We got the guillotine, you better run”

If you’ve listened to these playlists before, you should be familiar with this song, and I cba to write about it again. So just enjoy it.

#10 Born Fe Rebel – Steel Pulse

Radical to the bone, trouble won’t leave me alone

Fight with all my might
Whether day or night
I’ve got to do what’s right
People take advice”

I’m not actually sure if I’ve included this one before – but I thought it’d be nice to mix up the onslaught of Punk, Metal and Hip-Hop with some roots reggae. THPS fans may recognize this track from Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 (A great game with a phenomenal soundtrack btw).

The refrain says it all “Radical to the bone, trouble won’t leave me alone.” Again going back to the neo-liberal idea I was talking about earlier – being able to observe a fight and choose not to participate is entirely a place of privilege. I come from a middle class background and am as white as all hell. The fact that I could if I wanted to stay out of racial tensions and class based civil unrest highlights that.

Of course being trans negates some of that – but I am still very white. I could very easily just not get involved in these fights. People of colour can’t. Trouble doesn’t leave you alone.

If you want to live, and have rights – you are a rebel. And if that isn’t depressing you, then I don’t know how else to get through to you. The mere act of wanting rights makes you an outcast and a rebel of society. Society is broken.

For god’s sake, don’t stop fighting, even if you are in a position where you can do so without personally suffering. Many of us can’t.

#11 The Right Wing Never Sleeps – Crazy Arm

Choose to fight or choose to give up your dignity
Lose the fight but you will still have your dignity
It’s plain to see
Use the right to choose to destroy the enemy
It’s plain enough to me
The right wing never sleeps so nor do we”

Speaks for itself I feel. Trump certainly isn’t going away any time soon. Let’s not get complacent with whatever comes next. At best, we’re still going to have to cyber bully the new president into enacting actual change – at worst deal with a civil war. Either way, there’s still a lot of work to be done!

#12 Better Decide Which Side You’re On – Tom Robinson Band

Just sit back on you fat backsides
Till you have to face the Front
Waiting till the bully boys get you
Don’t make no kind of sense
And pretty soon there’ll be no room
For sitting on the fence”

I’ve covered this enough at this point. Either fight with us, or you’re against us. It’s too late to be all Lib Dem about this. I’m not saying centrists don’t have a place in politics (although that is also true). But hypothetically, if there was ever a time for centrists to shine – the middle of the rise of Neo-Nazism and the far right is not that time.

Pick a side.

#13 It’s Okay To Punch Nazis – Cheap Perfume

When we got complacent
In defending our rights
The Nazis changed their name
Now they’re called the alt-right”

It is tho.

#14 Hang ‘em High – Havok

Unable to uphold an oath that they swore to us
Selling us down the river to the big business
They get richer while their policies ruin the lives of millions
I think it’s time for justice to be served”

Okay so (as mentioned in a previous article) this song is pure cringe, but it does describe basic problems with fascist-capitalism in an easily digestible way for people who willingly voted for Jo Jorgensen (which is this bands core demographic… no wonder they haven’t hit the big time yet).

Also the line “The United Snakes Of America” will never not be funny.

#15 Neo-Nazi Metalheads Will be Hanged And Their Broken Corpses Openly Mocked – Gaylord

Nazi shithead black metal
Idiotic nationalistic garbage
The riffs aren’t even good
Shut up and die you fucking cunts”

Fan recommended. HOLY SHIT I DID NOT KNOW THIS BAND EXISTED BUT THEY ARE FUCKING EXCELLENT. If you’re like me and for some reason like Black Metal (Why???) but aren’t a fan of the white supremacy undertones of a lot of the big Black Metal bands – Gaylord are for you.

A hardcore parody of the genre which shamelessly condemns Nazism in metal as a whole and has the least subtle language I’ve ever encountered. Seriously – check them out if you haven’t already.

#16 Our Time Is Now – Diamond Head

Kill all the fascists
Extinguish their breed
Hang all those bastards
From every tree”

These songs are getting increasingly violent, and I’m here for it. Given this started off as a playlist about the inevitability of having to fight for your rights and that’s sad – we’ve now moved firmly into the territory of “If we’re gonna be made to fight for our rights, let’s fucking do it properly”. Diamond Head aren’t really a band I think of when thinking of anti-fascism – but this song, and these lyrics in particular are just perfect.

#17 Links 2 3 4 – Rammstein

Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck
Doch sehe ich dann nach unten weg
Da schlägt es links”

(They want my heart on the right spot
But then I look below it beats left there)

This song came up when googling anti-fascist songs. Rammstein are very clever writers – with their lyrics being very simple but also containing double meanings and being almost poetic. This song as far as I can tell is Rammstein in no uncertain terms letting the fans know where their politics lie (spoilers – they aren’t Nazis).

That being said – I am relying on to verify this – so I could be entirely wrong. If I am, then just skip this track. Actually don’t – even if it doesn’t fit this theme, it’s a fucking banger.

#18 Scum – Santa Hates You

Armies of mindless bigots
Are marching on our souls
Trying to crush our rights
As they cry out the name of god”

Sticking with the industrial theme we’re moving onto Santa Hates You with Scum. Although not strictly about fascism – it is about beating the shit out of hypocritical religious bigots and fighting for rights, so fits nicely here.

I’ve reached a point in this article where I’ve run out of ways to say “Fascism is bad” so… Fascism is bad. Next.

#19 GlitchGang – Dropout Kings

I’m fighting fire with fire
Said fuck the ones I admire
I’m fighting violence with violence
I’m fighting silence with silence
It’s the incurable blindness
Bitch, I’m lackin’ the kindness
And then we follow the coward
And then we’re lead by the mindless”

Fan Recommended. They said we could never bring Nu Metal back…and they were broadly right, and probably for the best.

HOWEVER. Some bands have taken the best parts of the genre (the blending of musical subcultures, emotive lyrics, catchy and easy to digest rhythms) and made something genuinely pretty spectacular. Referred to as Trap metal – it blends modern electro, hip-hop, Punk and Metal to create a spectacular new generation of alternative music. This song fucking rips.

Oh and I guess lyrically it’s on theme as well.

#20 Punch A Nazi – The Muslims

We want peace so we’ll beat your ass to pieces
You’d kill us so your death with bring us justice
You’re a relic of a dying fucking system
Take the proud boys with them
And all the KKK Killer Cops”

One of these days I’ll just have a playlist full of songs about punching Nazis. Today is not that day – but this song will probably be on it.

#21 Coup D’Etalk – Fever 333

He act as if his residents are just fuckin’ irrelevant
Let’s address the elephant
You treat me as a felon, what about your fuckin’ delegates?
Let’s address the elephant
You treat me as a felon, what about our fuckin’ president?”

Ending off with some more Trap Metal from a band who released one of my favourite albums of last year, Fever 333. The album Strength in Numb333rs is possibly one of my favourite political albums of the last decade – an onslaught of Breaking Benjamin & Linkin Park-esque rock and tight Trap vocals makes for a very good formula for political music.

This track is the last one on the album and what a great end it is. Featuring themes of racial oppression, revolution, being used and treated as political pawns. This song rounds up this list of Anti-Fascist anthems perfectly.

Hope this playlist helps keep you motivated. You can listen to it here on Spotify or here on YouTube.

We’ve got long uncertain times ahead, but I am being cautiously optimistic that we can turn the tides of these fights.

Tune into our next stream live at 7:30PM on the 30th November, where myself, Kirstie Summers, Thom Bee, Eliott Simpson, Paisley Boyd, Kitty Messalina & Kate McCabe will be tackling the news of the month in the context of whimsical games. See you then!