Subscribe to Comedy Crowd TV for £12 a year and support our show

We are incredibly proud to have been included Comedy Crowd TV’s scheme to support independent comedy through their digital subscription.

They showcase sketches, web series and short from independent comedy creator and you can get unlimited access to all of it for just £12 a year – that’s £1 per month. At this time, with comedy clubs unable to earn their usual revenue from live shows, they’re offering to support us too with this money.

For every subscriber who enters our unique code, we receive £6 from their subscription fee. This gives you access to original content while staying at home, as well as the opportunity to support our show and independent comedians.

When you sign up on the website, enter code “blizzard” and half the price of your subscription will go to support us, so we can put it towards creating some new digital content while we’re all cooped up and bigger and better shows once we can get back on the stage.

You can sign up for a subscription here:

You can find out more about the Comedy Crowd and the kind of work they do here:

You can check out their recommendations for shows to watch on CCTV in their blog here:

We realise this isn’t the same as the usual live shows we put on, but we hope it’ll help stave off cabin fever for a bit. We’re also hoping to have some fresh digital content of our own sorted soon, so please do watch this space and above all, stay safe!

Love and hugs (from 2m away),
the Blizzard team

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