Introducing your line up for Blizzard #7 on Monday 30th September

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The Last Blizzard for 2 months!

Don’t worry, we’ll be back in December, but this is the longest we will have been without a show since starting, so this is a Blizzard you don’t want to miss!

Our aim is to provide a comedy space that is safe for all, and as such we have a strict content policy on: No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Classism, Ablism, Fatphobia etc. And we make every effort to content warn any potentially triggering material that may take place.

Afraid of audience interaction? At Blizzard there is no unsolicited or forced audience participation – if you agree to take part in audience participation, you may get a sticker at the door, otherwise, you can rest assured knowing that no one is going to pressure you into getting directly involved.

Our Headliner is Steffan Alun!

Steffan Alun is a TV presenter, radio host and actor – but he does those things in Welsh, so you won’t have heard of him. First and foremost a comedian, he has supported Elis James on tour, has performed full runs at the Edinburgh Festival every year from 2015, and is a familiar face at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival since 2013. He recently completed his first tour with the solo show Romantic Comedy, after a hugely succesful run at Edinburgh, adding extra dates due to popular demand.

Influenced by his upbringing as a monolingual Welsh-speaker, Steffan’s stories and observations about life in English-speaking UK delight audiences in comedy clubs, arts centres, and theatres across the country. With strong opinions about everything from … well, actually, no, literally everything – he cuts to the quick, without ever going for the cheap shot.

“Touching, accomplished and heartfelt storytelling. Watch out for him on tour.” – FringeHire

“A powerful voice. Articulate, erudite, his material belies a passion for the ludicrous.” – Noel James

“A natural comic.” – Wales Online

Supporting Steffan we have have

Philipp Carl Kostelecky

Born in Vienna, raised in Slovenia, and spending his summers in America, Philipp’s style of comedy is as diverse as his background. Bouncing between surrealism, clowning, and observational comedy, Philipp brings high energy and hilarity to every performance.

Philipp’s jokes focus on topics such as the anthropomorphisation of bins, the ramblings of a horse, and why he prefers cuddling over sex. and when the cuddling is over, Philipp won’t shy away from speaking about more serious topics such as race, religion, and political commentary.

“I cried with laughter. Some of Kostelecky’s impressions and accents were pitch perfect, like those performed by a young Jim Carrey” – The Founder

“His charisma and stand up comedy captivated the audience from the moment he stepped onto the stage” – The Orbital Magazine

“Fantastic! Philipp is an unexpected and hilarious performer, with a great grasp of diving into the absurd realms of his mind, and taking you along for the ride” – Sam Rhodes


“Tom Lawrinson is one of the most exciting new acts on the circuit, an insightful and funny gentleman, cleverly turning stock gags on their head to reflect a ‘woke’ view of a world that has slept in for too long.” – The Skinny

“Tom Lawrinson is a comic with a creative mind full of weird, wonderful and completely unexpected punchlines. So much so that he leaves tears running down the faces of the audience” –


Winner of Cheshire Cat judges prize 2018, Paul talks about how his life has gone nowhere and why people think he’s weird and apparently moves his hands a lot


Funny Women 2017- ‘One To Watch’.

The Student Newspaper 2018- ‘Obvious Talent’

A combination of Dad Jokes and Daddy Issues, Bobbie-Ann Jones is one of the funniest prediabetic queers ever to come from Wolverhampton. She once made her counsellor cry and laugh at the same time, and she’s still proud of it. Is often seen carrying a single chocolate bar in a Sainsburys bag for life; her partner calls this inefficient, Bobbie calls it a metaphor for the human condition.

This show will also be the first time we have a guest compere taking the place of our founder Jonny Collins. Instead, we have the brilliant UMBY WINTERS stepping in to host!

As a nonbinary comic, Umby Winters tackles hot button topics with joy, sincerity, and just a touch of the absurd.

Awards: Finalist – Great Yorkshire Fringe New Comedian of the Year 2019

“Winters is a natural performer with a great stage presence” – On Magazine

“Confronts uncomfortable issues with genuine warmth and honesty” – The Yorkshire Post

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