Mabel Slattery and Ian Lane v Umby Winters and Kieran Lawless || BCBA S03 E04

Our next episode of Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche will be broadcast live on our Twitch channel on Monday 29th August, featuring:

Ian Lane

Autistic multimedia comedian. Not So New Comedian Of The Year finalist 2022.

“Inventive, cliche-phobic comedy that makes a strong impression for its creativity” – Chortle


Mabel Slattery

A pendulum between sleep and well-intentioned chaos. Incidentally Cornwall Council does not accept payment in voles. Mostly stories about parochial life interspersed with interesting but useless facts.

“Why on earth does she feel the need to swear like that” – Granny Margaret

with team captain Edward Roworth

Ed doesn’t perform much comedy anymore but just so you know Fopp has a load of Kurt Vonnegut on 2 for £6, it’s a pretty good deal.

“A favourite of the night…you won’t be able to stop laughing.” – Blizzard Comedy (who sure know their comedy)

“Shall I compare thee [Ed’s comedy] to a summer’s day?” – William Shakespeare (who didn’t know his comedy, but did know his summer’s days)

and Kieran Lawless

Kieran Lawless is an Irish comedian now based in Manchester. He has worked in comedy clubs across Ireland, the UK & Europe including supporting Patrick Kielty in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre.

Well respected in his native Ireland, his television credits include; New Comedy Awards (RTE), The Takeover (RTE), and RED TV (RTE).

“exceedingly entertaining, highly energised and side splittingly funny”

and Umby Winters

Umby Winters is Queer. Not just queer, but very queer. As a nonbinary comedian, Umby is able to bring a unique perspective to everyday interactions that those who fit inside the gender binary take for granted. From things as simple to using the bathroom to decisions as big as their own name; Umby takes the audience on a “gently educational” tour through life as a member of the Trans community.

Umby tackles hot button topics with joy, sincerity, and just a touch of the absurd. Equipped with “the sort of adjectives that would bring Piers Morgan out in a cold sweat” (Chortle).

with team captain Quenby Harley

Quenby moved away from stand-up after they tragically lost their crippling need for validation from drunk strangers. They still worship at the altar of queer chaos through a combination of art, writing, and random bullshit.

with host Jonny Collins

Jonny Collins is an aggressively inclusive Non-Binary comedian, Jonny pulls no punches yet makes everyone feel welcome and represented in their thought provoking, and well constructed deconstructions of gender, sexuality and politics. With radical leftist ideals and a fast and furious delivery style, Jonny Collins is a favourite of socialist, anarchists, feminists (of the trans inclusive variety), and queer activists alike.

“Jonny is a force of nature on stage. A whirlwind of hilarity with a unique viewpoint, they energy and passion personified.” – XS Malarkey

“Jonny Collins is deceptively rapid-fire, with a gag rate that would shame most one-line merchants. They can bring a simmer to a boil with ease, and make a huge mess of your kitchen.” – James Ross (Quantum Leopard)