Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy presents WIP shows by Eryn Tett and Edy Hurst

July 28th 2022 – Blizzard Comedy’s last Edinburgh Previews of the year and my 27th birthday – and oh what a birthday treat this was.

To round up an excellent roster of previews over the last month and a half today we had one of the country’s most creative and brilliant up and coming alternative comedians Eryn Tett – and the lovably bonkers rendition of War of the Worlds by Edy Hurst. A treat though it was, this was also the most technically complicated show we had put on to date, and as such we had to work for it! It absolutely paid off however.

Eryn opened the night with her show “Eryn Tett finds her audience” Which is a multimedia production in which Eryn splits her show up into stand-up, pre-recorded sketches, and analysis of the audiences reception to her material so she can find once and for all who her audience actually is, and aggregate that into the ideal audience member for her.

It’s such a brilliant idea that I’m kicking myself for not coming up with it. However far from just being a good concept on paper – Eryn Tett absolutely nails the execution as well. Her whimsical style of joke telling and construction, with a mixture of excellent pun work, anti jokes, and witty ideas place her firmly at the “acquired taste” end of the circuit – which lends itself very well to the show’s core idea of finding her audience. Utterly delightful concept, complete with one of the sharpest bonkers comedy minds of her generation.

Eryn is a class act, and whether you’re a fan of weird comedy or not, the show will be an unforgettable experience. You can check her out at Edinburgh here:

But how could you follow up a show as good as Eryn Tett Finds her audiene? By retelling War of the Worlds in musical comedy of course!

Edy Hurst is an act we’ve been trying to get on our stage all year, but for one reason or another (well, one reason, Covid) we have been unable to. So getting to finally see his take on War of the Worlds which I’ve been waiting for since he first announced it ahead of the 2020 fringe (whatever happened to that?) was honestly a dream come true.

Very few people could match the whimsy of Eryn Tett with pure chaos energy – but Edy is such an act. I have never seen such a well put together show in my life. Edy Hursts’ comedy version of the War of the Worlds is more than just a musical comedy retelling of the iconic Sci Fi thriller – it’s a full on one man stage adaptation – with a lower budget than most, but still just as incredible. Edy went way harder than he needed to on this project, and this will I’m sure go down in history as one of the greatest comedy hours ever taken to the fringe if I have anything to say about it. Usually the Fringe organizers or reviewers don’t consult me though, which seems like a rookie mistake. Don’t make any decisions about anything without consulting me first. All of you. No matter what it’s about.

As a retelling of War of the Worlds, it covers all of the beats’, with cultural context and analysis. As a Musical comedy hour, it’s everything you could want and more. And as a Fringe show – it’s a must see.

Edy’s show is only doing a limited run at the Fringe, so make sure you book tickets now if you can:

And that’s the end of our Fringe Preview run this season – we hope you enjoyed all our brilliant acts have to offer, and we’re already looking forward to next Spring to bring back some more.