Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy LIVE, featuring Sully O’Sullivan

Another month, another absolutely stacked line-up at Blizzard Comedy – in heat that no one should ever have to perform in ever.

This might have been one of our lowest ever turn outs at one of our main shows, also one of the hottest Blizzard Comedy days since our inception. But that did not stop the energy in the room being full of all the love, joy and laughter typical of this great show we run for the acts who braved near 30 degree heat to be funny to you all.

Opening the show we had the disturbingly brilliant stylings of Frasco Fools – described as the League of Gentlemen for a new generation, which is apt.

Frasco Fools strike the balance between the grotesque absurdity of the best of that era of sketch comedy, whilst bulking it out with some genuinely timeless gag-work and performance. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any sketch-work rival the greats of the genre, but I foresee incredible things for these folks in the future.

After the break we had Stephen Catling, who unfortunately we can’t include in the streamed version of the show due to interpolation of licensed music. This can often come off as a bit hack in a live environment, but which Stephen has constructed so expertly, every beat being optimized for some incredible fast paced manic comedy that is bound to leave a lasting impact. Stephen is an absolute must-see act.

Next we had Shannon Griffiths, who is a real enigma of the circuit. Her appearances are rare, and she has a persona which to this day I’m not actually sure is an act or not. What I am sure of though is that she gets right to my funny bone.

An effortlessly funny person that can make you laugh regardless of whether she’s got anything prepared or not, just being in her presence is guaranteed to make you piss yourselves, and you owe it to yourselves to go and see her if she’s ever on a line-up near you.

Closing the second section we had Sallyann Fellowes who was marginally more mellow than the two preceding acts, but nonetheless an absolute pro. As someone who frequently feels the need to really exaggerate myself in any performance, Sallyann has a cool confidence about her act that really makes her feel like a natural born performer. Coupled with a lot of creative stand-up ideas, some fun character work and gags that rival the classics, Sallyann is a phenomenal act who is only getting better and better the longer she goes.

Closing the show we had the incredible Sully O’Sullivan. I first saw Sully at the Comedy Store in 2013 or 2014, and immediately knew he was one of the best in the game. Another comedian who is effortlessly funny, who’s delivers gags with absolute precision that is the envy of many, not to mention a world class writer and improviser, meaning that whatever the context, an evening with him is bound to be spectacular. If you read that dirty, that’s on you, I said what I said.

And that was the show! Incredible performances from everyone despite the weather conditions and low turnout, and a triumphant return for myself if I do say so, after several months of guest hosts and cancellations.

You can watch the VOD of this show on up until the end of the month, and you can book tickets to our next show featuring the almighty Bethany Black and an all star roster featuring Umby Winters, The Impish Scribe, Amarpal Singh and Eden MW. Tickets are available via Outsavvy here.