Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy Presents Umby Winters and Hannah Platt

Preview season is upon us! I’d almost forgotten Edinburgh was a thing, as, after a promising start to our preview season in 2020 with Harriet Dyer, Pete Selwood and Jack Carrol, not sure if you noticed, but everything went a bit shit.

So, it’s very surreal over 2 years later to finally get some more previews on our stage in front of the Blizzard audience – and what a treat, both previews are for their respective acts first hour – and both favourites of our club over the years.

First up was who I’m sure will be one of the biggest transgender comedians in the country before too long – Umby Winters. Umby has been a regular at our night, performing spots, hosting, guesting on our streams, hosting our stream, and now running one of their first previews for us, and what a delight it was.

Umby’s show is an onslaught of hilarious, expertly crafted and delivered anecdotes about their own experiences with being a queer and trans person. If you’ve seen them before – this is very much more of the same, and I mean that in a good way. Everything they say has been blended together to not necessarily form a narrative, but in a way that feels like a cohesive exhibition of all the high-quality content they have to offer.

By the end of the hour, even if this was the first time ever seeing them, you really feel like you have gotten to know them well in that time and will likely walk away from the show with them taking a place as one of your favourite people.

Everything about their act is so endearing, Treading the line between self-deprecation and overwhelming self confidence in their persona, and whether it’s cheeky and smutty anecdotes about the more biological symptoms of transitioning, or sly commentary on internal biases and ingrained transphobia within our society, you will be hanging onto their every word. Umby’s first hour is a great time and is bound to make you walk away with a smile on your face.

After that we had Hannah Platt – who, again, is likely to be a superstar before too long. Hannah has climbed the ladder so fast since I first saw her, and even since her first Blizzard appearance in 2019 is now making incredible line-up appearances on pro bills and festivals all around the country.

Hannah’s show is primarily about body image and mental health, which are things that still today aren’t getting talked about honestly enough, even if we have come a long way over the last couple of decades. And that is one of the things that really makes Hannah stand out as an act, her unrelenting honesty. Hannah has a knack for writing incredible original jokes that are unrivalled on the circuit, which have such a strong core of honesty and vulnerability to them – which is perfect for a debut Fringe show.

It helps that Hannah has a strong, matter of fact delivery which is instantly engaging to audiences, who often completely misgauge the comedy they are about to witness based on her appearance. Watching Hannah perform is an awe-inspiring experience – Hannah captivates a room in a way that others could only dream of, and she does not waste that attention. Despite the show not quite being a full hour yet (just as well as Umby overran by 12 minutes, so thank you) – you can feel the concept shining through, and the narrative is coherent, relatable, and expertly sold. At least I assume everyone will find it relatable, it is possible that I just also need therapy.

But whether you relate to her on a personal level or not – I can guarantee you will be completely absorbed by the themes dissected during the show, laughing right from your gut at some of the unashamedly dark and sharp routines for hours after first hearing them, and hopefully coming away from the show with some new knowledge and understanding of body dysmorphia and adjacent mental health … genres I guess? Can’t think of the word, don’t want to say issues as that sounds patronising. Mental health flavours? Yeah, that’ll do.

I can only dream about how this show will be expanded on over the next year, but I’m calling it now, if her show isn’t nominated for any awards, it’ll be a gross injustice. Definitely go and catch her Work in Progress if you can over the next year and a bit – and if you’re in Edinburgh 2023 – absolutely check her out, you will not regret it.

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