Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy Live, featuring Raul Kohli

After a month off, Blizzard Comedy returned on the 7th February with a phenomenal line-up to kick off the 12th year of Tory Bullshit which has necessitated the need for our club.

I took the night off MCing, and left the show in the very capable hands of Bobbie Jones – a regular on our live and streamed shows, and an absolute powerhouse of a comedian.

Bobbie always brings something unique to a line-up, and tonight was no exception (which is impressive given the rest of the line-up included a silent act, a table covered in sugar, and a non-binary magician). Bobbie’s act is full of whimsical musings and takes which make even the most mundane subjects a spectacle – and is still able to do this in a universally accessible way.

She did not let up as a compere, and despite some unfortunate rowdy older gents kept the wider audience engaged and laughing throughout, complimenting the acts and standing alone as a phenomenal performer in equal measures.

Kicking off the show was another Blizzard regular Thom Bee – in a landmark set for him, I think marking one of the first times he has spoken explicitly about recent traumatic events and his mental health in detail on stage. Whether it’s as half of No Money in the Bank, or on stage on his own Thom has an instant charm and likability to him, and has a set full of nostalgia bait for Millennials, as well as dark and frank discussions of the impact of both physical and mental disabilities on life, and a hell of a lot of gay jokes for good measure.

Despite some of the more intense subject matters, Thom keeps an upbeat attitude and energy throughout, but not at a sacrifice to the gravity of the content, which is a fucking difficult line to walk, and he pulls it off expertly.

After him was Ed Roworth with 2 distinct but equally batshit sets. The First was his usual brand of prop based whimsey, anti-humour and plain weirdness. The second was a stand-up set done entirely without speaking. It is very hard to convey in writing in a way that doesn’t make it sound shit – but Ed pulls it off, leaving a mark as a favourite of the night.

Ed doesn’t do many gigs these days, but we’re always thrilled to have him on when we can – he has huge political insight for our stream shows, but uses our live shows as a way to barely address that and instead craft something absolutely bonkers that you’ll struggled to tell your mates about because you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Next up we had a last-minute Eden M.W. – who very kindly stepped in last minute after our planned 4th act had to drop out. Eden, is I believe quite new to stand-up, although clearly a veteran performer and creative in their own right.

Eden’s set was based around Magic – which can often be a cause for comedy audiences to sigh and switch off, but they had crafted tricks that were not only executed well, but clearly crafted with humour in mind. Not only that, they’re incredibly quick on their feet, have an engaging personality, and flawless delivery that would be the envy of some of the most seasoned pro’s. Absolutely sensational, go and see them when you can.

And finally we had Blizzard Comedy favourite Raul Kohli to headline. I first saw Raul some 6 years ago at the Comedy Balloon – and ever since that first sight I knew I was watching something special. In an increasingly polarised comedy landscape – and in our own club which is vehemently left wing – Raul offers genuinely profound political insight and commentary that I’ve seen kill at both Blizzard as well as in front of staunch Brexit voting tory audiences.

While it isn’t particularly rare for comedians to have versatile sets to appeal to audiences across the political spectrum (because lets face it, us socialists are never going to be able to pay as well as corporates) – Raul is one of the few people that comes to mind who can win over these audience without sacrificing or significantly softening any of the political content – or by resorting to material that goes against his own beliefs.

Raul is quick witted – and absolutely destroyed the two rowdy individuals mentioned earlier, who sadly only got more disruptive as the night went on. He covers topics from regional differences and stereotypes being a Geordie man of Indian descent – to a deconstruction of western media’s obsession with Trans people playing sports in contrast to the harrowing oppression and violence we face in other parts of the world – all of it equally hysterical and insightful.

Raul is a rarity on the circuit – and you owe it to yourself to watch him if he’s performing in your area. In fact – he is doing 2 full hours at Gullivers on Wednesday the 6th April – An hour of crowdwork, and an hour of prepared material for £6. Book tickets here today:

A phenomenal first night back, and join us on the 7th March when guest MC Tony Basnett of Trapdoor Comedy hosts Cheekykita, Kat Molinari, Ash Preston & Tom Short – and you can watch us stream on the last Monday of every month, covering the news of the month in a variety of silly games and discussions on

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