Blizzard Comedy LIVE, featuring Raul Kohli

We have had a brief break due to COVID concerns, but we have optimistically booked our next live show on Monday 7th February 2022!

Tickets are free but we recommend booking to secure your place:

We’ll be at Gullivers from 7pm with this incredible line-up, featuring some Blizzard faves.


Raul Kohli

Raul Kohli has fast become one of the most captivating acts on the circuit. As one of the few select Asians to have grown up in the far north of England (Newcastle Upon Tyne, he’s been blessed with a Worldview that upends ethnicity, culture and class. Combining ‘Superb political comedy’ (The Scotsman) with surreal storytelling; in a few short years, Raul Kohli has risen to the top.

Supported by:

Sophie G Collins

Sophie was brought up to see the good in the world and to enjoy bad puns. Then she became an adult and noticed the world was on fire. She got angry, got tired, she got into comedy. The result is a pinch of the apocalypse, a hefty glug of feminism, and an embarrassment of cheap gags.

Edward Roworth

The premier surreal, prop-based comedy act from his house, nay, home, it’s safe to say if he were King Arthur, he would have pulled the sword from the stone, because that’s what King Arthur did.

You can read more about King Arthur in T. H. White’s masterpiece, “The Once and Future King”.

and Thom Bee

Thom is a Manchester-based comedian who began performing comedy in Berlin, Germany in 2015. Trained as a circus performer, and working on the UK circus festival circuit as a compere before transitioning to comedy, Thom has a wide-ranging, approachable and likable style.

“A complete enigma with a new, mental story everytime I see them” – Trapdoor Comedy

Featuring special guest host Bobbie Jones

A combination of Dad Jokes and Daddy Issues, Bobbie-Ann Jones is one of the funniest prediabetic queers ever to come from Wolverhampton. She once made her counsellor cry and laugh at the same time, and she’s still proud of it. Is often seen carrying a single chocolate bar in a Sainsburys bag for life and rocking a killer rack.

“One To Watch” – Funny Women 2017

As always Blizzard Comedy is complete free at point of entry, but we will accept donations on the door via cash or card that will go towards supporting our wonderful performers.

Book your free ticket here.

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