Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy featuring Hannah Platt

Contributed by Jonny Collins

What a way to end the year.

I had a roller coaster of anxieties on Monday. From low ticket sales, to my usual shambolic approach to personal preparation, and technical issues with the projector when we arrived at the venue, I was not feeling all that optimistic about the show.

The saving grace was the acts, who were all phenomenal. In some twist of fate not only did it go well, but this might actually be quantifiably the most successful night we have ever run in person. From lots of last minute ticket sales, to many generous donations, to me somehow managing to hold myself together throughout the night, this will go down in history, as the last great comedy night before we go back into lockdown.

Opening for us we had Ryan Kenny whose creative combination of deadpan, poetry and prop comedy rivals the best in the genre (and that’s at least 2 people). Ryan is always a pleasure to watch, a genuinely great jokewriter, but with an alternative twist that will keep even the most snobbish comedy elitists engaged. A gem on the Manchester circuit, if you missed him at our show, you owe it to yourself to catch him live.

After the interval we were greeted with Daniel McKeon – who had the room in stitches from the beginning. I’m disappointed that I needed to pee so I missed the first 30 seconds of his set, but came back in to see Sam Serrano absolutely crying with laughter.

Dan was the only act on who I had not worked with in any capacity in the past, and I am so glad I was able to on this occasion. He’s one of those comedians who you try to tell your friends about, but can’t get any of his jokes out because you’re still uncontrollably laughing at them. The greatness of Daniel cannot be overstated.

He is definitely going to blow up before you know it, so see him now whilst he’s still performing at my shit self-righteous free comedy nights.

Next was Sam themself, who I’m so delighted we finally got on one of our nights after so long. Three years ago I would have killed to have more non-binary comedians on the circuit. As it turns out, I didn’t need to, and all of those people died for nothing, ‘cause there was always loads of us, I just didn’t know any of them yet.

Sam is a definitive queer voice of their generation, who has a very relatable experience with gender and sexuality which is still distinctly theirs. I have it on good authority that Sam absolutely kills in mainstream clubs, which is incredible given how comfortable they appeared in our room which is the polar opposite.

Sam is a versatile comedian who covers topics from coming out, neurodiversity, and pretending to support a football club they’d never heard of because they had a gay sounding name. Whether it’s at the Comedy Store, or a small friendly bar who’s too woke to ask you for money (please give us money) you’re bound to have a great time in Sam’s hands.

Headlining our incredible Christmas show was the one and only Hannah Platt. Hannah is an absolute legend in the Northwest, and since I’ve known her she’s only gotten better and better. A perfect fit to headline our night, Hannah has a knack for having a deadpan delivery which always sounds like she’s telling you off for something, yet working that into a style that keeps the energy high and an audience attentive on her every word.

She started her set… well she didn’t start her set for nearly 10 minutes, as in a rare turn for Blizzard, there was a lot of consensual crowdwork going on – as we had some very… enthusiastic people in the audience. Hannah dealt with it like a fucking pro, and twisted it into absolute hilarity.

When she was able to start her set, it was an onslaught of probably the most content-warned set we’ve ever had. Covering everything from Suicide, Death, Body Dysmorphia and drug use – it may be a difficult set for some, but despite all that she kept the energy high, with a deeply personal set, exploring the depths of identity, self image, therapy, and sexuality in a way that was uniquely her own yet utterly engaging.

On a personal note, seeing Hannah from quite early in her comedy career to where she has now has been incredible. She’s made huge strides, and is set to keep getting better and better, and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for her as a performer. Go and check her out if you’ve not seen her before, and go and see her again if you have. A treat every time.

Footage from the show will be streamed over Twitch on the 13th December and available for 14 days if you would like to re-live or catch up on what you missed, and if you would like to support the club to allow us to continue to put on great shows like this in whatever 2022 holds for us, you can do so via Paypal, Patreon, BigCartel and Twitch.

Our next show is on the 10th January – hopefully in person with Edy Hurst, Umby Winters, Marie Goulbourne & Stephen Catling. Tickets are available on our Patreon already and will be made available to the public shortly. Follow the Facebook event here.