Kat Molinari and Dian Cathal v Sam Serrano and Sully O’Sullivan | Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche, Episode 14

As long as live entertainment is still restricted and we can’t take our best game to the stage, we’ll be continuing with Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche.

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Broadcast Avalanche Episode 14 will be broadcast live on Monday 28th June 2021

This month our show features:


The gender fluid King and Queen of comedy, Sam Serrano has spent the past couple of years smashing some of comedy’s most intense competitions, including GYF comedian of the year 2018 (2nd), Comedy Bloomers: LGBT Comedian of the Year 2019 (runner up), Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2019 (finalist).



Making his TV debut on New Zealand’s iconic ‘Pulp Comedy’, UK based Kiwi Comedian Sully O’Sullivan has gone on to become a veteran of the international circuit, performing professionally in Australasia, North America, Arabia, the British Isles and Europe.


with team captain THOM

Thom is a Manchester-based comedian who began performing comedy in Berlin, Germany in 2015. Trained as a circus performer, and working on the UK circus festival circuit as a compere before transitioning to comedy, Thom has a wide-ranging, approachable and likable style.



Punsexual queen of the north, Kat Molinari started off her career by forgetting to leave space for people to laugh. She turns her comedy lens on everything from mental health to her religious upbringing and we’re snagging her to turn it to this month’s news.


Dian Cathal is a queer creative from New York, just trying their best not to get deported. Actor, Comedian, Writer and Technician. They always say you can never have too many strings to your bow. Well now they’ve got a harp. Fuck.


with team captain KIRSTIE

“Too attractive” – Chris

Our admin and promotor from day one, Kurt has become a regular feature of Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche over the past year. In that time she’s launched a new show where she chats to comedians, musicians and other creators every week, has cycled all over London and moved house twice.

And featuring special guest host BEN HODGE

Comedian and filmmaker Ben Hodge has spent this year flexing his creative muscles and getting rightly recognised for his amazing work. He first performed at Blizzard when he’d been doing stand for barely a year and he’s had nothing but success since. We are blessed to have him host our show this month.

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