“We kind of stumbled our way through learning to write.” | Croft and Pearce on crafting narrative through sketch for Double Take

A bit about yourselves, what you do, why you do it etc…

We met at school when we were 16 and started doing comedy together when we ran out of things to talk about (approx ten years into our friendship).

We went from doing two minutes on a sketch night to taking a show to Edinburgh, then having our own show on Radio 4, and touring the country with our live sketch show. We’ve also written for other far more famous people on radio and TV, and we both write for The Daily Mash.

It’s hard to say exactly why we’re still trying to make people laugh – apart from the mad cash, it must be a desperate need for attention? 

What experience does the audience have at your show?

A good one we hope! Our aim is always to make everyone belly laugh, and hopefully feel like the babysitter / parking / general effort involved in leaving the house was worth it. We’re deeply practical people. 

Tell us about the show you’re bringing to Glasgow Comedy Festival.

This show has 30 characters over two halves, and there are stories that run through the show to link the different worlds together. Our comedy is character-based, and on the whole the sketches are grounded in reality – recognisable and relatable situations and relationships. But in a fun way!

How did you come together as performers?

We both trained as actors and thought we were going to be delivering meaningful speeches while dressed in period costume. When Hannah realised her main stage roles had involved moving furniture, and Fi realised her only speaking roles were temping on receptions in offices, we decided to start writing for ourselves. 

How did you get into sketch comedy?

We had some friends who were running a sketch night in a pub basement in London so we confidently asked for a ten minute slot. They gave us two minutes, which turned out to be approximately two minutes too long, and we kind of stumbled our way through learning to write from there.

What’s the trick to weaving a narrative between sketches?

We love to think of how our character’s lives could overlap in the most unexpected and funny ways. Sketches are generally short and self-contained, so it’s really fun to flesh the characters out and give them a bigger life. 

You’ve racked up a number of accolades and award nominations. What are your plans to top your recent achievements?

We’re doing a collab with Elon Musk on some space tech but it’s super hush-hush and we’re NDA’d up to our eyes. Check our socials for updates… (also we hope to do lots more writing for funny shows we admire, and to create our own TV show). 

What do you hope people take away from your show?

We hope people take home some LOL memories and maybe a desire for world peace?

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at Glasgow Comedy Festival?

There’s so much amazing stuff to see – we’re definitely keen to check out Glenn Moore’s show if we can and Hannah’s a massive Tony Law fan so he should be on everybody’s list for sure.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into comedy?

Get on stage and test your material as much as possible. Nothing beats trying (and failing) in front of a live audience to find out what works! And maybe get yourself a comedy partner so you have someone to celebrate/commiserate depending on how it all goes. 

Croft and Pearce are performing Double Take at Glasgow Comedy Festival on March 12th.

Book your ticket here.

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