“What’s there two of but it’s not arms?” | Legs must be experienced to fully comprehend, but it’s an experience you can’t miss

It would be fruitless to try to describe quite what happens in the show Legs. It doesn’t have a narrative. It is a collection of skits all centred around the concept and appreciation of legs. Writing down exactly what you’ll see won’t come close to conveying the experience of watching it.

The sketches contain a variety of props, from flip boards and hosepipe umbilical cords to all manner of legs. Barbie dolls legs and baby doll legs and twenty foot long legs with a foot at either end. Many are homemade and all are excellent. At one point, you travel through time to learn about the history of legs. Some excellent points are made about how beauty standards for women are bullshit. There is a surprisingly moving piece that tells a story from the perspective of a blade of grass.

To fully comprehend the surreal and fantastic nature of Legs, you really have to see the show.

Legs is performed by Julia Masli and the Duncan brothers, who each bring something unique and fantastic to the performance.

The Duncan brothers are birthed loudly and viscerally onto the stage, Robert in a bright red suit and Andy in just his underwear. Andy stays in his underwear for most of the duration of the show. Sometimes it is accompanied by some bizarre costume that becomes the centrepiece for a sketch, but always leaves his titular legs on display.

Robert makes an excellent host for the show and is certainly dressed the part. His unbridled and somewhat intimidating passion for legs – and fervour for communicating that passion – is infectious.

Julia Masli is easily one of the most talented performers working in comedy right now. She chooses her words, movements and even facial expressions so carefully and thoughtfully that she doesn’t seem to have to do much to have the audience in stitches. The way she moves is hilarious. She can do things with her legs that have no right to be as funny as they are.

The way the three of them interact brings the show together beautifully. You genuinely feel like you being invited into something special, even if you don’t fully understand it. Their evident joy in performing the show seeps out into the audience and it’s impossible not to want to be a part of their weird world of legs and leg appreciation.

Legs, simply, celebrates legs. It’s bizarre, but joyful. It makes its own sense with a carefree disregard for the usual kind. At times, this is disorienting, but in a fun, like being drunk, but on legs rather than alcohol, and with the comfort of being in the hands of hosts you trust to get you safely home. The show teaches you things about legs you might never have imagined possible and leaves you with a new appreciation for the long extra gangly sausages that allow most of us to walk, crouch and lunge.

5 stars

Legs is at Leicester Comedy Festival on 14th and 15th February at the Soho Theatre from 4th to 7th March.

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Read our interview with Julia and the Duncan brothers about Legs here.

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