“It’s about all the weird ways humans try to find meaning in life.” | Heidi Regan on celebrating the world’s silliness in Heidi in Plain Sight at Vault Festival

Tell us about the show you’re bringing to the Vault Festival, Heidi in Plain Sight.

It’s going to be very silly stand up about all the weird ways humans try to find meaning in life.

You’re known for taking on familiar worries in your own unique style. What kind of topical issues are you discussing in this show?

While it’s going to be very fun and silly, I can’t stop the actual issues delving into the stuff I think about all day so there’s bits about climate change, the dangers of AI, the beleaguered NHS but also light stuff like how women are always SLOW getting ready to go out. Mostly puns about the end of the human race but women ARE slow getting ready. All very silly I promise.

What’s your trick to finding the funny side of things people are universally worried about?

I just spend an hour reading out terrifying statistics but say catchphrases after each of them like ‘looks like I should go BACK to bed!’ or ‘I thought I said give me the GOOD news!’ (Also I think I just have a naturally silly approach to stuff that distracts them from the horror).

What do you think is humanity’s best bet for reconnecting before we get to the point of mutually assured destruction?

I think we need to all be a bit better at talking and listening politely to each other because no one is changing anyone’s minds right now. And maybe shut down social media because it’s a big old steaming mess now. Actually you are ONLY allowed to post on there if it’s to advertise your own poorly attended comedy shows. I think we ALL want to keep it for that.

This is a work in progress show. How much do you expect it to change between the Vault Festival date and its completion?

I think at Vaults it’s going to be a lovely, personal little show with just me and a mic and by completion I hope it to be a full ice-skating-with-lasers extravaganza. It will be about the meaning of life and lasers.  

What are your plans/hopes for the show after Vault Festival?

Take it to Edinburgh Festival. But in the meantime I want to perform it as much as possible. Then I’d love to take it to Australia next year in some form as I’ve never performed a full hour there (and I’m from there).

What do you hope people take away from your show?

A sense of childish wonder about the little things in life…  I won’t have done anything towards them achieving that and it’s not in the show but it would be lovely if they got that randomly? Otherwise I hope they feel like they got to laugh about the state of the world while also feeling some hope for where humanity could go if we stop being pricks.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at the Vault Festival? 

Some really brilliant comics are debuting solo shows I can’t wait to see, including Chloe Petts, Patrick Spicer, Jack Chisnall, Archie Henderson and Lily Phillips. There are so many on I haven’t even gotten through the whole programme. Oh and Micky Overman has a great routine in her new show about a medical issue I identified with very much.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into comedy?

Get a gimmick like a puppet but then after months of shows forget to bring it to a show one day and be at first terrified but then realise two minutes before going on stage that that puppet was actually holding you back and the power was in you all along! Oh wait he’s in the car, there’s still time!

Heidi is performing Heidi in Plain Sight from 11th, 23rd and 27th February.

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