“The closer I get to being myself, the funnier the material seems to become.” | Scott Bennett on juggling fatherhood and comedy in Relax

You’re known for making the kind of observations that make normality seem bizarre. What kind of things do you take on in this show?

Relax is a look at the world at the moment. Its frenetic, chaotic and seems to be getting worse. Technology has replaced human interaction and we seem to have nowhere to escape. As a fully diagnosed stress head, I am finding that fun and escapism seems harder to justify as you get older. We spend a lifetime as adults trying to recapture that sense of freedom we had as children, are we doomed? Or can we find a way through this madness?

How do you decide which elements of your life are going to make it into your act?

I look at the thing’s humans do to relax. An ill-fated trip I took to a spa day, my battles with technology, the challenges of being a parent in today’s world, the distractions we give ourselves and how we are continually focusing on the wrong things in life.

You talk a lot about parenting in your act. What for you is the funniest thing about being a parent?

It’s a constant source of material really. Children approach things with no agenda, they take everything at face value and its inspiring to watch. Being a parent is a relentless assault on the senses. Some days your heart is bursting with joy, you cherish their smiles, a little glance towards them makes you catch your breath with pride. Other days you feel so desperate for time away you’ll pretend to take the bin out just to stand behind the shed for a ten-minute holiday.

It’s their honesty that surprises you. Recently I did a tour show of my previous hour show Leap Year (available to buy on my website) and I had some flyers produced to promote it. I have been fortunate enough to have quotes from some very respected colleagues, including Chris Ramsey and Rob Brydon.

My daughter was looking at the flyer and she remarked, “Chris Ramsey, he’s on Strictly at the moment, isn’t he?”

“Yes darling.”

“Rob Brydon has his own show, Would I Lie to You isn’t it?”

“Yes darling.”

“You’ve done nothing have you Daddy?”


You’ve talked before about balancing your family life with your comedy work. As your shows are taking off, is that getting easier?

It’s always a challenge. As well as my stand-up, my writing career seems to have taken off a bit this year, which is great as I can do that work from the comfort of my own shed. I do miss them when I’m on the road, but we are a good team and I couldn’t do it without them.

It’s about trying to move forward, keep gigging but focusing on the quality of the shows I’m doing so the time is not wasted.

Where does your wry approach to comedy come from?

I’m not sure really. I think I’ve always been a comedy nerd; I’ve watched stand-up for years and I love the pure observational style. It’s not a calculated decision, its just what happens when you find your comedy voice. I feel that I’m no different onstage to how I am off it, the closer I get to being myself, the funnier the material seems to become.

What do you hope people take away from your show?

Just to enjoy it and relax for an hour. There is no heavy message or firebrand political opinions here, just really funny stand up about my life and my struggle to stay sane in this world. I would like to bring some positivity into their day, we need more of that at the moment.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at the Hull Comedy Festival?

Jack Gleadow’s show will be excellent and as a local Hull lad, he deserves the support of a home crowd.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into comedy?

Don’t, its full now and more people will only clog things up and make it more difficult for me to achieve some of the things I want to do. Only joking!

I think the only advice I have is to write, gig and be passionate about it. This is not a hobby, you can’t play at it, to get the best out of it you need to be fully committed and just a little bit obsessed.

Scott is performing Relax on November 10th.

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