“I’m going to dedicate the show to all the maps of Tassie in the world” | Kath Marvelley on bringing the wonders of Australian wildlife to the Women in Comedy Festival

Tell us about your show, Aussie Wildlife Whisperer. What inspired the show?

I love animals! I like native animals outside in their natural habitat. I grew up with environmental parents who birdwatch and took me outside camping and hiking. They also made their house right next to the bush so we always had animals around on a daily basis – wallabies, cockatoos and others that are less tame!

What is this show bringing to the Manchester WICF that audiences won’t find anywhere else?

Laughs! (joke)…No that will definitely be in other shows! It’s a bit of a TED talk and comedy journey where you’ll learn a bit about animals you’ve never heard of… but mostly have some fun. I talk about my experiences and encounters with Australian animals and I let you ask me about any other animals I haven’t mentioned too.

Has putting this show together taught you anything you didn’t already know about your home country?

I did look up some stuff, but you have to come to the show to find out the rest [spoiler alert]. I’ve always been interested in science though so some stuff I already knew. Mostly it’s about my and my loved ones’ encounters though.

Is there anything you learned about the difference between Australia and the UK that surprised you?

You have killer birds too. Swans. And geese. They always looked so pretty you know..?

Is there anything that you think will particularly surprise audiences?

I find describing snakes does terrify the UK locals, but not any Australians that come!

What is your favourite ever fact about Australian wildlife?

Cassowaries will kill you, especially if you import them to the U.S.

Also, Tasmanian magpies don’t do the killer swooping of their Australian mainland cousins and scientists don’t know why. It’s like they know they’re not part of Australia – just jokes, Tasmanians – love ya! I’m going to dedicate the show to all the maps of Tassie in the world since it’s the Women in Comedy Festival. Especially those maps of the world that left of Tasmania.

Also if you’re bored later and you have a free moment, I recommend googling Tasmanian Devils and face cancer.

Has writing this show made you feel homesick at all?

No. In many ways it’s made me feel more connected and really I just have so much fun performing it. It has no agenda, it’s just meant to be fun. The main problem is promoting it – it would be so much easier if I could pose with Aussie animals back home for my Instagram!

Your show offers diversity to the fringe by introducing people to a culture that exists on the other side of the world. How does it feel getting to share your home country with so many people?

It’s a great culture, a culture that brought fairy bread to the world which I sometimes bring to the show for my audience. I think it’s a lot like the UK but with more big spaces, sun and skin cancer. I like that I can come to the UK and experience such a different culture (and animals!) in many ways but still get to use my language. My favourite part of the UK is the flowers. The worst part is the rain.

What do you hope people will take away from the show?

That you should never relax when there is an Australian animal in the room, especially if she’s a comedian.

Kath is performing her show Aussie Wildlife Whisperer on October 10th as part of the Women in Comedy Festival.

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