Do you like our cool shirts?

Some of the more eagle-eyed among you at last night’s show might have noticed Scarlett at the door and Jonny on stage wearing some snazzy limited edition T shirts.

We made these specially to commemorate the news this week that Boris Johnson is now officially the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. In case that wasn’t clear. We’re not too pleased by this.

Arguably, there was no way this decision could’ve gone that would have pleased us. The choice was between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, who is just as bad but at least he is quiet, which means he’s less of a public embarrassment.

We made a limited run of just 15 shirts. Some of them went to our Patrons. They’re a tad pricier than the things we usually get for our Patrons, but we decided that we wanted to make the statement more than we wanted the money right now.

The rest will soon be available to buy from our merch store on Facebook.

There are tons of anti-Boris shirts floating around on the internet. We saw a ton of “Boris is a dick” T shirt ads the day the news was announced.

But just saying “Boris is a dick” is an understatement. It trivialises the impact that his actions have on real human beings, the direct consequences on human life caused by politics that some people choose to just shrug off.

Boris Johnson voted against measures to prevent climate change in 2016. 79 million acres of primary or recovering forest disappeared between 2010 and 2015. Within a year the Tory party received hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations from oil bosses.

It has been reported that 130,000 unnecessary deaths have been caused by austerity.

Politicians need to be held accountable. Not treated like your mate who’s a bit of a twat. But like someone in a position of privilege and power whose actions – or inactions – cause other people to suffer.

At Blizzard, we want things to be better.

So we do a cosy comedy night once a month that we try to make as inclusive and wholesome as possible. And we try to call people out when the consequences of their actions are heinous.

So we’re going to wear our angry T shirts and tell our wholesome jokes. And we hope that the impact that we have on the world is a net positive.

Watch this space.

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