Ela Bambust and Sam Lake v Sully O’Sullivan and Eliott Simpson || BCBA S03 E01

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This month our show features:

Ela Bambust

Ela Bambust is, ostensibly, an author. What this actually means is that she spends a lot of time drinking coffee and stressing about the relationship status of fictional characters, and bothering her cat, before severely abusing an old and battered keyboard for several hours. Somehow, words come out the other end, and the result appears to be something approaching literature.


and Sam Lake

Sam Lake is a stand-up comedian, presenter, writer & performer. He’s recently been seen on All4’s ‘The Joy of Missing Out’ alongside Tom Allen. As well as winning the Leicester Square Theatre New Comedian of the Year award, his writing has been featured on Newsjack & Mock The Week.


with team captain Katie Mitchell

A rising star of the Midlands comedy circuit, Katie Mitchell’s comedy is alternative yet pervasive. She revels in a mainstream stand-up environment, as well as more specific events like cabaret, burlesque, and music festivals.


Eliott Simpson

Eliott Simpson is an eccentric asexual expat and a critically acclaimed comic, having gigged all across the UK and USA for over 5 years! He’s the promoter and host of “The Diversity Quota” comedy night, he had a 2019 sell-out solo sh-ow and has been reviewed as “absurd and accessible” (Norwich Radical), “instantly likeable” (ArtsYork), “weird as f**k” (Janey Godley), “infectiously funny” (The Independent) and “”offbeat, wacky and unpredictable” (The Wee Review)!

With surreal one-liners, witty wordplay and humorous explorations of gender & sexuality, he’s one of the most peculiar and unique acts on the circuit!

and Sully O’Sullivan

Making his TV debut on New Zealand’s iconic ‘Pulp Comedy’, UK based Kiwi Comedian Sully O’Sullivan has gone on to become a veteran of the international circuit, performing professionally in Australasia, North America, Arabia, the British Isles and Europe.


with team captain Bobbie Jones

A combination of Dad Jokes and Daddy Issues, Bobbie-Ann Jones is one of the funniest prediabetic queers ever to come from Walsall. Starting as Head Writer for the Birmingham Footnotes Comedy Society, Bobbie has gigged far and wide; she is a former host of Lolshevism Comedy Club in Leeds and a current team captain on Blizzard Comedy’s monthly stream. She is also a Quantum Leopard Competition Winner.

and host Jonny Collins

Jonny Collins is an aggressively inclusive Non-Binary comedian, Jonny pulls no punches yet makes everyone feel welcome and represented in their thought provoking, and well constructed deconstructions of gender, sexuality and politics. With radical leftist ideals and a fast and furious delivery style, Jonny Collins is a favourite of socialist, anarchists, feminists (of the trans inclusive variety), and queer activists alike.

“Jonny is a force of nature on stage. A whirlwind of hilarity with a unique viewpoint, they energy and passion personified.” – XS Malarkey

“Jonny Collins is deceptively rapid-fire, with a gag rate that would shame most one-line merchants. They can bring a simmer to a boil with ease, and make a huge mess of your kitchen.” – James Ross (Quantum Leopard)

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