Thank you for coming to Blizzard’s third birthday!

Wow 3 years, what a celebration!

Although numbers weren’t quite as high as I would’ve liked, it’s hard to see last Monday’s show as anything but a perfect celebration of 3 years of Blizzard Comedy.

Seems like only 2 years ago we were celebrating our birthday, and only last year we didn’t do anything because we were still in lockdown and my life was terrible and hectic so ended up pulling our birthday show.

This is actually the first April show we’ve had since our very first back in 2019, and in many ways it felt very similar. We had lots of friends of the club on, a phenomenal headliner I can’t believe I managed to book, and getting used to a new venue as we tried to settle in. I even left my laptop charger at home and had to dash home and back to get it.

But besides all that, the show was phenomenal.

Opening we had Anna Thomas – who I’d booked last year before she won the BBC new comedian award 2021 – and is now absolutely kicking the tits off the industry. Absolute legend, so pleased we got her on.

Anna is an extremely expert joke writer, often building jokes on top of each other to the point that you can’t believe they’re still going but each one hits harder than the last. Not only that, she has a delivery and likability that could make her sell even my worst jokes as if they are absolute gold. This combination of tight writing and superb delivery makes Anna Thomas one of the best acts on the circuit today, and I am so grateful we were able to showcase her on such a special day.

Next up we had Kat Molinari, who kindly stepped in last minute for another act who sadly caught Covid last week. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kat doing stand-up, but whether it was her tried and tested lesbian dad jokes or new experimental stuff that was a bit more on the observational side, Kat has a knack for getting great gags across one after another with no wasted time. A great joke teller, and someone who is single-handedly responsible for at least 5 of my top 50 jokes of all time. Absolute class act.

After the break we had John Porter, who brought his usual incredibly gifted ramblings to our stage that blends prepared material with improv so incredibly well. The jokes were tight, but more than that listening to John perform he really makes you feel included and welcome in the moment effortlessly. Whether he’s recounting tales and experiences of living with disability, or making fun of comedy as an industry, it is always a pleasure to be in the room with him. I’m very happy we were able to have him back on our birthday show.

Next we had one of our best friends Tony Wright grace the stage for what may be one of his last ever stand-up gigs. I’ve seen Tony go from a solid student comedian to an extremely competent club act, but I get the feeling that gigs like ours are where he shines the most. Tony has a grace to his performance that you almost forget you’re watching stand-up because the jokes catch you off guard constantly, and his delivery is understated and conversational which makes Tony the funniest one of your mates even if you’ve never met him.

From discussions about the nuances of race and anecdotes about insufferable minimum wage jobs, Tony can turn almost any subject into gold, and we will miss him greatly on the circuit, but wish him well for his future career plans – which you can bet your ass we’ll be promoting the shit out of!

And finally closing the show we had headliner Olga Koch. If you haven’t seen Olga yet, and you’re not following her on Twitter and Instagram – she may well be one of my favourite people on the internet.

I first met Olga at Quantum Leopard in 2018/19 and she was fast becoming one of the hottest breakthrough acts in the country in terms of how prolific and successful she was becoming, and indeed attractiveness.

Olga is everything I want to be in a comedian, extremely sexually confident, a juggernaut of a performer, jokewriting that you genuinely can’t reverse engineer to see how she came up with it, Olga is to put it simply a comedy genius. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one of the biggest names in the country by the end of this decade.

You owe it to yourself to check out her work if you haven’t already, Olga is a fucking legend and has provided meaning to our short meaningless lives.

Thanks so much to all the acts and audience who came to celebrate with us, and a huge thank you to 53Two for hosting us, and of course all of our Patreon supporters for keeping us afloat for 3 whole years. If you’d started a degree on the day of our first show, you’d’ve graduated by now. Wild.

Join us for our next show in Gullivers NQ on the 9th May with Edy Hurst, Umby Winters, The Impish Scribe, Marie Goulborne and Amarpal Singh

And you can catch a cut down version of this show on on Monday 11th April at 7:00pm.