Amarpal Singh and Craig Wilson v Kath Marvelley and Righteous Lion || BCBA S02 E12

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This month our show features:

Amarpal Singh

Amarpal had the fortune of being brought up in Bradford by working class parents but the misfortune of having those parents become upper class and putting him into a posh school. Now as he hits middle age his stand up goes back to reflect on the bizarre contrast growing up and how it still effects him today: from school yard racism to bringing up a mixed race child, his comedy is a tender love letter to his family, his home town and the mental health issues that they both helped create.

and Craig Wilson

Craig Wilson is a nice boy. That’s the reputation he’s gained in his years of doing comedy and his weekly phone all to his gran at least.

Recently featured on BBC Scotland’s #CancelKarenDunbar programme
2019 fringe show featured in the Scotsman’s best food based shows to see at the fringe 2019 list

“As pure innocent and hilarious as they come” – The Diversity Quota

with team captain Thom Bee

Performing comedy for six years, Thom has spent the majority of his time working in the double act (No) Money in the Bank with fellow weirdo and 90s enthusiast, Andrew Marsh. Together they’ve produced three shows, two regular nights, a podcast, and a plethora of material that has seeped into both performer’s solo work. Thom’s solo comedy is a combination of this irreverence, but with the addition of stories about his own struggles with mental health, alcholism, and his many other failings.


Kath Marvelley

A funny, warm and theatrical Aussie popular with audiences and snakes.

“Charismatic, confident, warm, assured and very funny.” – Tell ’em again at the Teller
“Kath is instantly engaging, likeable and a joy to watch” – Blizzard Comedy

and Righteous Lion

Righteous Lion is a pull-no-punches, cheeky but endearing comedian based in Manchester, who uses off-beat analogies to get his point across.

with team captain Kirstie Summers

“Too attractive” – Chris

Our admin and promotor from day one, Kurt has become a regular feature of Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche over the past year. In that time she’s launched a new show where she chats to comedians, musicians and other creators every week, has cycled all over London and moved house twice.

and host Jonny Collins

Jonny Collins is an aggressively inclusive Non-Binary comedian, Jonny pulls no punches yet makes everyone feel welcome and represented in their thought provoking, and well constructed deconstructions of gender, sexuality and politics. With radical leftist ideals and a fast and furious delivery style, Jonny Collins is a favourite of socialist, anarchists, feminists (of the trans inclusive variety), and queer activists alike.

“Jonny is a force of nature on stage. A whirlwind of hilarity with a unique viewpoint, they energy and passion personified.” – XS Malarkey

“Jonny Collins is deceptively rapid-fire, with a gag rate that would shame most one-line merchants. They can bring a simmer to a boil with ease, and make a huge mess of your kitchen.” – James Ross (Quantum Leopard)

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