Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy LIVE, featuring Tom Short!

Another month, another cracking show for Blizzard Comedy! Miraculously, for the first time since October, we had no technical hiccups – woohoo!

This show was left in the very capable hands of Trapdoor’s own Tony Basnett. It was a joy to see him take the reigns for the night, and absolutely smashed it as expected – even if he did get somewhat broken upon the discovery that IKEA furniture is surprisingly good for kink purposes.

Opening the show we had Cheekykita. It is very difficult to describe her act in a way that accurately conveys the genius of it. Suffice to say Cheekykita might be one of the best clown comics working today, complete with silly props, genuinely great dance moves, and the ability to keep an audience engaged for 20 minutes whether anything she said was discernible or not. A fantastic opener to a fantastic show.

Next we had Cameron Sinclair Harris, who very kindly stepped in last minute and absolutely smashed the ball off our show, saving us money on bottom surgery. I’m not saying that trans people are inherently the funniest people, but Cameron is certainly good evidence to support that theory. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of them in the future!

And a returning old favourite Ash Preston came back to try some new stuff. As always Ash is incredibly likable on stage, with a confident delivery and well-crafted jokes that make him an instant crowd pleaser wherever he is.

And finally we had headliner Tom Short. Another favourite of the club, Tom went out on a limb and did his entire set around an instructional tape about how to be a cis white male comedian. 25 minutes long, and hysterical the whole way through. You never know what you’re going to get with Tom, but you can be sure it’s going to be different and absolutely hysterical.

Tom is someone who has really mastered the craft and heritage of many great comedy styles, including clowning, physical comedy, joke writing and performance. You owe it to yourself to see him live the next time you have the opportunity to.

What a cracking show. So far 2022 has been a great start for us, and I am super excited for our 3rd birthday show with a line-up that I could’ve only dreamed of putting together back when Blizzard was first conceived. Book your ticket here!