Sound of Our Revolution | March 2022: Blizzard’s 3rd birthday

Contributed by Jonny Collins

Nearly 3 years old, where has the time gone!

Oh right, into the apocalypse, yeah that thing.

It feels so weird that we will be shortly celebrating our 3rd birthday in a live show given that we weren’t even able to celebrate our 1st birthday in person, and our 2nd birthday for a number of reasons went uncelebrated. So this will be our first live birthday show, and what an incredible line up we have to celebrate it!

But that’s not why you’re reading this. You nerds want to know what pieces of music I have deemed appropriate to party to as we celebrate being one year closer to inevitable irrelevancy. Well buckle your seatbelt, because we’ve got a double length playlist for you available on Tidal, Spotify and YouTube.

Unfortunately not all tracks are available on Tidal, but we are making a conscious effort to move away from using Spotify as it’s run by a war-hungry capitalist who takes advantage of artists whilst making labels and himself millions off the art of others. While this is true of all companies, Spotify are particularly bad, and we’d like to at least try to be marginally more ethical in the services we promote

(We say, as we continue to stream on an Amazon-owned platform and make use of Google to run and host a huge amount of our services. But Spotify is much easier to stop using before they have a complete monopoly on the internet. Hell, even Apple Music is ethically superior to Spotify in terms of treatment of artists and not overtly profiting warmongers. Overtly. That I know of.)

So this may or may not be permanent, and we may try a few different services over the next few months. We welcome recommendations for music platforms to use.

If only Bandcamp had a playlisting feature. If only Bandcamp wasn’t just bought by Epic.

Sigh. Capitalism literally ruins everything.

So, as this is a double length playlist and depending on what platform you’re using will be different, I’m not going to go in depth on all of these – but I will include a comprehensive list of all tracks so you can build your own playlist on whichever service you use.

Some of these tracks are from themed playlists throughout the year, others are new which I think are very on brand for us but I’ve either only recently discovered, or haven’t found a way to shoehorn in anywhere else. I will include Bandcamp or download links where applicable – and a one sentence background context line as to why they’re on the list.

1. Desperate Measures – The Human Project

Bandcamp Link:

This is our theme song! “Call me Snowflake, and you’ll feel the Avalanche” is our motto, and The Human Project are good lads who deserve more love.

2. Tilting Against Windmills – Protest the Hero

Gay Positive Progressive Mathcore.

3. Purge the Poison – MARINA

From our AFAB, Women and Femme Solidarity playlist.

4. BURN IT – FEVER 333

Fever 333 are proof that Nu Metal is better when it’s not done by white Gen Xers.

5. Unstoppable – Ad Infinitum

It’s hard to find good Power/Symphonic metal to put on our playlists, this one is great.

6. TERF Obliteration – Hush

Bandcamp Link:

Trans Inclusionary Brutal Blackened Death Metal is my gender.

7. Voice of the Voiceless – Rage Against the Machine

Voice of the Voiceless is our thesis goal.

Not in a “I’ve been cancelled for using slurs, give me a platform” way – but in a “our identities are oppressed to the point of literal extinction, let me speak” kind of way.

8. The Guillotine – The Coup

Because we are nothing if not stereotypical communist revolutionaries.

9. Racists – Anti-Flag

I don’t want to give white people credit for tackling racism in their music, but this Anti-Flag track is actually pretty succinct and solid with its theme.

10. Kill The Rich – Vindicator

Bandcamp Link:

Disclaimer – we don’t actually condone murder. But if we did…

11. See You In Hell – Common Sense Kid

Bandcamp Link:

Stripped back Punk Rock about what a prick Jacob Rees-Mogg is is something we can never have enough of.

12. Rotten Dichotomy – The Best of The Worst

Bandcamp Link:

Hardcore Ska empowering Non-Binary kids. This song fucking slaps.

13. Fuck These Fuckin’ Fascists – The Muslims

Bandcamp Link:

Disclaimer, we don’t actually condone having sex with Fascists.

14. Mutual Aid – Faintest Idea

Bandcamp Link:

Faintest Idea did Corbyn’s manifesto before Corbyn was even labour leader. Faintest Idea for PM.

15. Nowhere Generation – Rise Against

Bandcamp Link:

Gen X Punks somehow releasing a Gen Z empowerment anthem that feels 100% authentic in 2021. Kudos.

16. There Are Dozens Of Us! – Animal Byproducts

Bandcamp Link:

Why does this song not exist on any other streaming platform but Spotify, ffs.

17. Oligarchy – Space Monkey Mafia

Pretty topically relevant.

18. We’re The Cool Kids – Ryan Cassata

If Ryan Cassata says it, you know it’s true. I won’t hear a word against it – if you’re one of us, you’re a cool kid too – even if you’re 67.

19. The Island – The Skints

Bandcamp Link:

It’s upsetting that this song hasn’t got any less relevant since 2019.

20. Class Struggle – Dog Park Dissidents

Bandcamp Link:

What if Karl Marx but explicitly queer.

21. Q.U.E.E.N. – Janelle Monae

Smooth and empowering as fuck.

22. Natural Corruption – Epica

Obligatory goth inclusion.

23. I Am Her – Shea Diamond

Shea Diamond is the hardest motherfucker alive today, and is literally braver than our troops. If you went through even half the shit she’s been through and have come out even half as strong and iconic as she is, then you are a queer icon my friend.

24. Change is Coming – Skyclad

Bandcamp Link:

From our Environmentalist playlist.

25. Neo-Nazi Metalheads Will Be Hanged And Their Broken Corpses Openly Mocked – Gaylord

Bandcamp Link:

Anti-Fascist Black Metal from a band called Gaylord. No brainer.

26. Point the Finger – Body Count

Body Count’s most recent but by no means only “Fuck the Police” anthem, featuring the late, great, Riley Gale.

27. White People For Peace – Against Me!

From our Anti-War playlist.

28. I Heard You Want Your Country Back – Bob Vylan

Bandcamp Link:

Bob Vylan proving that UK Punk is better when it’s not inauthentic middle class white people doing it.

29. Burn The House Down – AJR

I like AJR, okay? Leave me alone.

30. I Hate The Rich – The Dils

Can’t actually remember how this track ended on here, but the sentiment is shared.

31. Better Decide Which Side You’re On – Tom Robinson Band

Throwback to a queer liberation musical hero – who’s songs are just as relevant today as they were 40-50 years ago.

32. Boris Johnson is STILL a Fucking Cunt – The Kunts

Bandcamp Link:

Why this wasn’t on our best of 2021 playlist I’ll never know. Absolute classic.

33. The Only Good Fascist Is A Very Dead Fascist – Propagandhi

Bandcamp Link:

I mean, it’s true.

34. Our Time Is Now – Diamond Head

Uplifting and unapologetic revolutionary anthem from Metal titans Diamond Head.

35. Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival

So weird that the right try to adopt this band as one of their own.

36. The 1% – Knife Club

Bandcamp Link:

The 1% are fucking cunts.

37. Morbid Obsessions – We Are The Union

Bandcamp Link:

This whole album is essential listening for Trans people and allies.

38. Heterosexuality is a Construct – Onsind

Bandcamp Link:

Quit using your made up sexual limitations to oppress others, straight weirdos.

39. Stalemate – Enter Shikari

Missed this one off of last month’s anti-war playlist. Better late than never, and sadly still relevant.

40 . Borders – M.I.A.

Everything M.I.A. has ever put out tbh. Can’t wait for the new album.

41. SAVE The World – Toby Fox

Bandcamp Link:

You bet your ass I’ve shoehorned some Undertale love in here.

42. Not Enough – Hyenah

Soundcloud Link:

Straight forward and catchy electro track championing Anti-Racism, not just ignoring race.

43. Tunnel Vision – Kae Tempest

From like half of last year’s playlists. This track is basically perfect.

44. It’s A Sin – Pet Shop Boys

Throwback to champions of Gay music of the last 40 years.

45. There’s Going To Be A Revolution – The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

Bandcamp Link:

There’s going to be a Revolution.

And that’s all of the tracks! As I say, you can listen to most of these songs on Tidal or YouTube – but both are missing a couple of tracks. We’ll continue to research alternate platforms in the meantime, and hopefully find a suitable library that doesn’t fund the literal worst aspects of humanity.

Join us on on the 28th March where Andrew Marsh, Bobbie Jones, Kirstie Summers, Eddie French, Ash Preston, Tom Short and Kitty Messalina will deconstruct the major news events of the past month – and book tickets to our live show at 53Two on the 4th April!