Mabel Slattery and James Ross vs Anna Thomas and David Stanier | BCBA S02 E10

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This month our show features:

Mabel Slattery

Hailing from a small village in Cornwall, Mabel Slattery is presumed to be the result of a clandestine Pagan ritual in which a hobbit, a kitten, a small whirlwind and a thesaurus were inexpertly combined.

and James Ross

James Ross has won three national comedy awards, all of them
essentially for admin. He runs the superb Quantum Leopard, a commie pinko no-punching-down £pay-what-you-like comedy night in London. He’s been doing comedy for longer than you’ve been alive, provided you are under the age of 13.
“[The] irresistible momentum of a drunk on an obstacle course.” – The Socialist.

with team captain Katie Mitchell

A rising star of the Midlands comedy circuit, Katie Mitchell’s comedy is alternative yet pervasive. She revels in a mainstream stand-up environment, as well as more specific events like cabaret, burlesque, and music festivals.


Anna Thomas

“Super refreshing and original in an often comedy sea of beige… one of them with funny bones she is.” – Barking Tales

“Welsh whimsy… one of the UK’s hottest new acts” – Dead Cat Comedy

“Playful and whimsical, Anna Thomas has instant likeability. Anna is definitely an act to watch out for… one of the most promising acts on the North West circuit” – Nodding Dog Comedy

and David Stanier

David Stanier is a silly and nice stand-up comedian and comedy writer. Fun and daft, enthusiastic and unconventional, David always tries his best!

“Stanier has a knowingness behind the daftness…lovely, feelgood stuff” – Chortle

“An earnestly giddy comic with an impressive arsenal of jokes… beautifully, banally silly” – Gigglebeats

“Stanier is a master of the misleading punchline, and by far the most fun performer currently on the North West scene” – Manchester Wire
“Astonishingly fresh, inventive and totally hilarious.” – JFL Comedy

with team captain Thom Bee

Thom is a Manchester-based comedian who began performing comedy in Berlin, Germany in 2015. Trained as a circus performer, and working on the UK circus festival circuit as a compere before transitioning to comedy, Thom has a wide-ranging, approachable and likable style.

“A standup fool, rising like a mighty, hungry dragon on Manchester’s comedy scene.” – Flim Nite, Manchester

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