Thank you for coming to Blizzard Comedy Live with Erika Ehler!

Contributed by Jonny Collins

Another Month, another night of Blizzard Comedy Live at Gullivers NQ Manchester, but uniquely, this show occurred on the 8th of November 2021 – which is the only Blizzard Comedy show on that date. You had to be there.

Unlike the chaos of last month we had only 4 acts performing longer sets, which was a good call as we finished on time for a change, and at no sacrifice to the hilarity of the night.

Opening we had our token Cishet man of the evening, who despite whatever preconceptions you may have, is actually a damn good joke writer. William Stone is a man we’ve been trying to book since pretty much the inception of the night, and it was well worth the wait.

William Stone

Every time I discover a new one-liner comedian, I’m guilty of being wary of the same rehashed material and formulaic joke structure of ever great one liner comedian of the last 20 years – but William Stone has a very self-referential and aware take on the format, in addition to being a phenomenal writer, and a delivery that is unrivalled even by some of the greatest names in the industry. Covering everything between bullying and cooking to the benefits of being a pigeon and the origins of the band KoRn.

William Stone has a joke for everyone (everyone in the hypothetical sense, not just the 20 odd people in our audience on the night.) and is a superb hybrid of modern humour and classic joke-telling. What a great way to start the night.

Next we had Alex Stringer, who is an act I have never had the pleasure of seeing live before today, and wow have I been missing out. Alex delivers her material with a very cool and low energy style that in the hands of a less capable comedian could kill the vibe of a room – but not her.

Alex Stringer

All of her material is so carefully constructed with some very unique takes on topics comedians have been trying and failing to crack for years – yet still manages to be very accessible in the process. There’s just something about her musings and delivery that make her instantly likable and make audiences instantly comfortable in her company.

Good things coming from her, I’m excited to see where she progresses to from here, and very excited on having her back soon.

Following her we have a favourite of the Blizzard livestreams and long-time advocate of the club Kath Marvelley. Kath is one of the nicest and cheeriest people on the circuit both on and off stage, which makes it all the more hysterical with some of the dark material she comes out with.

Kath Marvelley

Not that all of her material is edgy mind you, she covers a lot of topics from an outsider perspective as an Australian expat to the country, offering a slick and clever takedown of everything from Birdwatchers to the unethical history and deportation practices of the country.

Kath is always a delight to have on our stage, and she did not disappoint this time either! A favourite of our audience, and the kind of comedy I think we all needed after the last 2 years of misery.

And to close off this wonderful show we had headliner Erika Ehler. Erika might just be the most Blizzard headliner we’ve ever had on this show. Depressed and horny thematic material, self-deprecating but also oozing confidence, and lots of references to Space Jam for no apparent reason.

Erika Ehler

Erika is a true natural comedian and funny person – like Alex has a certain coolness to her delivery that means you hang on her every word and can make any topic funny. The kind of voice that you’d thank her for belittling and insulting you.

Erika is utterly ruthless in her material, whether she’s bluntly commenting on mental health struggles, making fun of her vegan environmentalist white ex and anti-vaxxers, she pulls no punches and is not afraid to go dark.

Erika is a refreshing voice in comedy, and has skyrocketed into success since earning a well deserved win of the Chortle Student Comedy Award in 2019, and if you’re not following her already, you absolutely should, as I would put good money on her being the next big thing.

Not just the next Sara Pascoe or Luisa Omielan, but the first and only Erika Ehler. The comedian we didn’t know we were waiting for. An asset to the UK and North American comedy circuits.

And that was our show – a strong line up to follow a strong comeback. Our next show features the incredible Hannah Platt, along with Ryan Kenny, Daniel McKeon, Benny Shakes & Sam Serrano. Tickets are available through our Patreon here, and will be added to the Facebook event soon here.