Blizzard Comedy turns two || Kitty Messalina and Kirstie Summers v Quenby Harley and Bobbie Jones v Edward Rowrth and Khalid Winter v Andrew Marsh and Thom Bee


We have brought together some of our favourite acts and will be introducing our new full roster of FOUR team captains to kick off our third year of existence!

This show will be broadcast LIVE to our Twitch channel from 7pm:

As with our last birthday show, this will be a fundraiser for the incredible Manchester-based homeless charity Coffee4Craig.

Find out more about why we want to support them and donate here:…/blizzardcomedyturnstwo/

Our teams for this episode are:


Funny Women 2017- ‘One To Watch’.

The Student Newspaper 2018- ‘Obvious Talent’

A combination of Dad Jokes and Daddy Issues, Bobbie-Ann Jones is one of the funniest prediabetic queers ever to come from Wolverhampton. She once made her counsellor cry and laugh at the same time, and she’s still proud of it. Is often seen carrying a single chocolate bar in a Sainsburys bag for life and rocking a killer rack.


Queer, feminist, and occasionally filthy. Quenby shares stories about gender, sexuality, and being a broke ass bitch so the audience can share a laugh at their (mis)adventures.


Our admin and promotor from day one, Kurt has become a regular feature of Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche over the past year. In that time she’s launched a new show where she chats to comedians, musicians and other creators every week, has cycled all over London and is now a little concerned about what Jonny has planned for her at this show!


Newcomer to the comedy circuit, Kitty Messalina is a triple threat – a queer woman of colour. Her unique perspectives on prejudice, promiscuity and polyamory quickly earned her a nomination as a Finalist for the NCF New Act of the Year Award 2019. With anecdotes about political foreplay, accidental threesomes and lesbian sheep, delivered with “an honesty and vivacity” (Notts Comedy Review), she’s keen to find her feet on the comedy stage.


Thom is a Manchester-based comedian who began performing comedy in Berlin, Germany in 2015. Trained as a circus performer, and working on the UK circus festival circuit as a compere before transitioning to comedy, Thom has a wide-ranging, approachable and likable style.

“A standup fool, rising like a mighty, hungry dragon on Manchester’s comedy scene.” – Flim Nite, Manchester.


Half of No Money in the Bank, one third of Social Distance Warriors and not-so-secret alter-ego of the greatest wrestler you’ve never heard of, Andrew Marsh will be in his element on Thom’s team for our birthday show!


Khalid Winter is a comedian who can be seen performing at some of the top comedy clubs around the UK . After growing up in Manchester he moved to London to study Archaeology, later becoming a professional archaeologist. His comedy draws on his experiences growing up on a council estate in South Manchester, having a mixed-race family, being unemployed as well as his later experiences studying and working as an archaeologist. His comedy contains thoughtful social commentary but always from a personal perspective.

“Winter’s strength is in his eye for a good line. Beautifully written with just the right mix of accuracy, understatement and humour.” – Notts Comedy Review


The premier surreal, prop-based comedy act from his house, nay, home, it’s safe to say if he were King Arthur, he would have pulled the sword from the stone, because that’s what King Arthur did. You can read more about King Arthur in T. H. White’s masterpiece, “The Once and Future King”.

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