Umby Winters and Khalid Winter v Siân Davies and Ash Preston || Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche, Episode 10

As long as live entertainment is still restricted and we can’t take our best game to the stage, we’ll be continuing with Blizzard Comedy’s Broadcast Avalanche. If you’ve missed the episodes we’ve streamed so far, you can find them all on our YouTube channel here:

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Broadcast Avalanche Episode 10 will be broadcast live on Monday 22nd February 2021.

This week our show features

On Kurt’s team:


Life tourist, trans rights advocate and insufferable socialist, Umby Winters is a fan of words and the colour pink. Between Twitch streaming and stand up comedy, they’ve created a lot of cool content and last time they came to Blizzard inspired a literal fuck-monster.

“Umby Winters is so good at stand up it makes me fucking furious.” – Hannah Platt


Khalid Winter is a comedian who can be seen performing at some of the top comedy clubs around the UK . After growing up in Manchester he moved to London to study Archaeology, later becoming a professional archaeologist. His comedy draws on his experiences growing up on a council estate in South Manchester, having a mixed-race family, being unemployed as well as his later experiences studying and working as an archaeologist. His comedy contains thoughtful social commentary but always from a personal perspective.

“Winter’s strength is in his eye for a good line. Beautifully written with just the right mix of accuracy, understatement and humour.” – Notts Comedy Review

And on Thom’s team:


Sian Davies is a stand up comedian, MC, presenter and comedy writer who has won the award for Best Debut Show at Leicester Comedy Festival in 2020, was runner up in the Funny Women Stage Award 2019 and won Hilarity Bites New Act competition 2018. Sian has produced, directed and performed in five successful Edinburgh Fringe compilation shows since 2018. Comedy Queers, a late night LGBTQIA+ showcase which sold out nightly in 2018, moved to a bigger venue in 2019 and sold out again. About Time/Bully, a split bill show with Thanyia Moore in 2019. She is the driving force behind Best in Class, a crowd funded profit sharing show featuring working class comedians.


Ash has been on the circuit for over two years. He has performed all over the country with his eccentric storytelling and high energy stage persona. Once described as a ‘friendly misanthrope.’ Fiercely proud of his working class upbringing and underdog mentality… He also resembles several murderers.

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