“All in all, people still want to laugh.” | Katie Green talks creativity, California and the Funny Women 2020 finals

Tell us about you/your act.

My comedy style is a bold and unapologetic mix of observational comedy and impressions. My set is very reflective of my Salvadoran roots and growing up in a bicultural household in California.

What’s your favourite thing about working in comedy?

Probably being able to work alongside other creatives, and always being in an environment that makes you laugh.

What challenges have you faced working in comedy?

It’s obviously a very male-dominated industry, so it is a regular battle of trying to gauge who supports you comedically versus those who might have other intentions. It is unfortunately something that women have to deal with regularly in the industry. You really always have to have your guard up.

How do you think that comedy as an industry can better address these issues?

By having more representation within the industry and by encouraging more diversity and support within the community 

How do you feel reaching the final of the Funny Women Awards 2020?

I am super excited. It’s truly an honour to have made it to the finals!

How has COVID and the restrictions on live performance affected your approach to this competition?

It’s definitely been an adjustment not being able to get on stage for six months and wondering what the future of comedy would be. 

Has doing this competition in the current circumstances changed how you’ll approach comedy when things go back to normal?

I think it will make me appreciate stage time more, especially when shows are not promised.

How do you think comedy in general is likely to be different post-pandemic?

I think the social distancing measures will be an adjustment to get used to but all in all, people still want to laugh.

What are your hopes for after the competition?

I hope to keep gigging and get signed. I also hope there’s not a second lockdown.

Aside from the competition, what else have you been up to over lockdown?

I spent most of lockdown in California living with my grandparents, helping out at my family restaurant with takeaway orders, and yelling at Americans to wear their masks.

Do you have any advice for other women looking to get into comedy?

Be yourself and just keep doing it. Don’t be discouraged, establish a solid support system, and just keep grinding.

Katie is performing at the Funny Women 2020 finals on Tuesday 22nd September 2020.

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