Celebrate our first birthday with our (No) Money in the Bank fan fiction competition live stream

For what we hope are obvious reasons, we will sadly not be having the birthday party we had planned at the end of the month. When all this is over and we’re allowed to congregate again we will ensure that we book everyone who was supposed to be on our gorgeous line up as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we still have every intention of celebrating as well as we can.

A little while ago, we launched our (No) Money in the Bank fan fiction writing competition, planning to read out the winning submission as part of our April show. We are still doing that.

On Monday 27th April, we’ll be streaming live readings of your story submissions and judging and scoring them there and then. The judging panel will include Andrew and Thom of (No) Money in the Bank, Kirstie and Jonny from the Blizzard team, and special guest judges Bobbie Jones and Ben Hodge.

We’ll be streaming it live to our YouTube channel, which you can check out here.

We will also be using this stream as an opportunity to raise money for Mustard Tree, a charity that does a lot of work to help the homeless in Manchester, as part of their COVID-19 emergency fundraising. You can find out more about Mustard Tree and their work by visiting their website and reading the interview they did for our blog here.

Whether you’re planning on tuning in or not, we’d be incredibly grateful if you could donate to this cause – check out our fundraising page here.

You can keep up with updates about this event via our Facebook page.

If this goes well, we may well do some more competitions, live streams and fudraisers because well we all need something to do while we’re cooped up at home.

If you want to support us, you can do it in all the usual ways – Patreon for regular support, PayPal for one off donations – and by subscribing to Comedy Crowd TV using code ‘blizzard’.

We’re really looking forward to celebrating our first birthday with you all, even if it’s not exactly how we wanted it to be. See you there!

Stay safe.