Thank you for coming to Blizzard #11 featuring Sean Morley!

Blizzard Comedy would like to thank everyone who came to our February show – despite the loss at the City Life Awards, and the political travesty that is Brexit neither acts nor audience let that get in the way of a fabulous night of inclusive comedy!

Opening the show we had the joyous Rachel Jackson, whose disarming style and mixture of anecdotes from her double life as an actor and stand up, and pure blunt Scottish jokes made for a set with a wide and unique appeal. Her stories are unmistakable and unforgettable. 

Next, we were confronted by the comedy fireball that is Sophie G Collins. Fizzing with opinions, she combines relatable generational observation with genuine righteous anger. Watching her feels as if all the good parts of the internet were compacted into human form.  

Continuing the night of leftist feminist rage we had Ben Hodge, who’s wicked grin plus pitch perfect timing are a force not to be underestimated.  Relatable and likeable yet infinitely self-aware, his assured performance is a joy to watch. 

Nothing compares to Ava Liversidge. Onstage she is world weary, surreal and incredibly cool. It’s impossible to tire of her strange and compelling take on stand up; impressively watchable and enjoyably weird. 

Finally our headliner Sean Morley – who is someone we’ve wanted to book since the very conception of Blizzard Comedy – his voice is reassuringly sensible,  which makes it even better that he’s devoted it to the cause of nonsensical fun. An incisive performer with a line in winding up the alt right, watching him makes you feel like just about everything might be part of the joke. 

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