“I truly let go and release myself into the moment.” | Brent Would on searching for love at Vault Festival in Brent Would’s Got Wood

Tell us about the show you’re bringing to Vault Festival.

Brent has described it as follows “Strap in and strap on for a spicy drag king cabaret romp and come on a journey with Basvegas’s – barrow boy – Brent Would! Because he would anything… especially you! Each show is different as Brent takes you from being wooed by him to being wed to him. An insight into the lurid and desire filled mind of a drag king with a perpetual wood, who longs to get it right? But so often gets it wrong. This Essex lad’s love of music has led him to write some original sexy pieces and he will even improv some for you, using your suggestions. At the point of climax there’s a game show – where you can win a date with the man himself. Score! Willing participants only – consent is sexy… just like you!”

What he forgot to say is that his old mate Shane Could will be on the guitar banging our some tunes. Not Wonderwall though, thank goodness LOL!

What inspired you to centre a show about the search for love?

Brent is a lover, not a fighter and for all his bravado he wants to have someone to take selfies with, cuddle and eat chips, and also do butt stuff. It isn’t certain that he really has a very steady grasp of what love is, but he is sure as hell gonna try and have a go at wooing anyone who gives him a sniff.

What made you want to look for the one in your audience?

Brent loves to get to know people and his performances are always very interactive. He’s a saucy demon who so often stumbles over himself and gets stuff wrong. However, he has broadened his circles and has learnt a lot. So he’s hoping he can find a muse and a sex friend in one and staying down the boozer with his uncle Mick isn’t cutting the mate-finding mustard.

Has putting this show together taught you anything about the world of dating you can share with us?

That the world of internet dating can be a scary old world and you have to keep your wits about you. One time I even matched with Pope, who told me he could bless me from a distance. I doubted his Papacy when he suggested any old water would do. Even the shower… Best advice, move it to WhatsApp and then ask for some voice notes and a selfie to make sure you aren’t being catfished, or in my case Pope-fished…

Your show requires you to come up with a lot of material off the cuff. What’s your secret to good improv comedy?

I would say the best way to approach it is from the standpoint of clown, which is also intrinsinc to my background. That means that you are always looking to follow the fun. Even though I have learnt some tools and rules, I know when it feels right to through them out the window.

I know and trust myself enough that I won’t say anything wildly offensive as they aren’t my thoughts, so I truly let go and release myself into the moment without judgement and let it throw through me.

How do you come up with the music for your show?

If I am improvising them as I mostly do, then sometimes I have backing tracks and I find those on free beats websites or I pay for them. However I often have – and will for my show – the wonderful Dan Attfield, who is a musical and improv demon and plays with loads of ace performers. So I am delighted to have the newly renamed “Shane Could” in tow!

Occasionally I do parodies and they are formulating the whole time in my head, as I am always consciously or otherwise playing word association! 

What do you hope people take away from your show?

I mostly hope that people go away from the show with a sense of energy and a healthy irreverence for gender norms. I want people to have laughed, have been slightly grossed out in the spirit of Buffon and to have a new found love for the power and poise of Kings in a Queen heavy landscape.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at Vault Festival?

There are so so so many that I want to go and see. My top 3 that are coming up are:

Edalia Day – Too Pretty to Punch

Arabitch – Arabitch

The Bitten Peach – Vault Lates

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get into comedy?

Even if you are terrified, just do it. Don’t feel that you have to play by the patriarchal rules of dark rooms and grumpy comics not willing to laugh as they mull over their own material. There are other ways and means and loads of inclusive and supportive nights where there is such a toxic vibe.

If you are dyslexic and have ADHD like myself, then maybe your super power is improv too. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever write anything, you just may have a different inroad than others.

You are brilliant as you are, play to your strengths and just get out there. Fail joyfully and fail forward.

Brent Would’s Got Wood is at Vault Festival from 4th-6th March.

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