“Power is ein strong asset.” | Eva Von Schnippisch reveals the dark side of Hollywood glamour at her Vault Festival show

Tell us about the show you’re bringing to the Vault Festival, How Eva Von Schnippisch Saved Hollywood.

It’s ein hilarious, poignant, heartwarming, ridiculous musical romp through 1950s Hollywood… vis all its glitz, glamour und ze dark truths of fame. Ultimately zho: its ein love story!

How does this relate to your show How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WWII?

It’s ze sequel Ja?! In zis show I’ve  been Britain’s No.1 Spy für 10 years, vis mein contract over… I’m finally following mein dream und heading to Hollywood to become an Award-Winning Actress. So we’re moving on from Europe in ze 1940’s und heading to America in ze 1950’s! 

What inspired you to write a show set during The Golden Age of the Silver Screen?

Vell, vis all ze casting couch und #MeToo … coming out at ze moment I thought it vos time to tell mein story. It just happens to be during ze ‘Golden Age’ of ze silver screen… but oh vot ein time!!! Nothing compares to those years. 

This show directly confronts sexism and the #MeToo movement. What drew you to a Hollywood setting for this discussion? 

Hollywood is ze heart of ze movie industry, it’s vhere young hopeful wannabe stars go to find fame und fortune… it’s also ze place vhere zhose in power have taken advantage of zhose bright young things. Back then it vos like leading ze lambs to ze slaughter. Power is ein strong asset. 

What is your trick to find the funny side of serious and even traumatic subjects like this?

I think you can make things funny if you’re also sensitive to it. I did not take zis subject on lightly und I certainly don’t want to make light of it, mock it, or belittle it in any vay. It’s been handled respectfully und so far audience members have responded vell to it. If anyone doesn’t agree, I’d love to talk to zhem about it und hear vot zhey’ve got to say so I can take zheir opinions on board. 

What do you hope people take away from your show?

Ein sense of sisterhood, ein understanding of vot some vimmin have had to endure to get to stardom… und aching ribs und dewy eyes.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at the Vault Festival?

Ja! BOTH SHOWS by Out Of The Forest Theatre, und ze LADS late of course! Zhere’s anuzzer spy show by Spies Like Us  called Speed Dial zhat looks great und Canary by ‪Fun In The Oven ‬has also caught mein eye!! 

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into comedy?

Prepare für blood, sweat und tears… und ein empty bank account! Only joking!! Well, actually…

How Eva Von Schnippisch Saved Hollywood is at Vault Festival on 19th February.

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