“It’s kind of a trashy, camp comedy fever dream.” | Jack Mosedale and Laura Curnick on bringing Mother to Vault Festival

Tell us about the show you’re bringing to the Vault Festival.

J: We’re bringing our sketch show to VAULT this year. It’s an hour of sketches and characters that we wrote and developed and then took to Edinburgh in 2019. It’s kind of a trashy, camp comedy fever dream that came out of locking Laura and I in a room together for a year and we hope you like it.

L: Please like it!

How did you get into sketch comedy?

J: We met doing improv and early on both realised we were fairly terrible at it so we took to writing sketch comedy instead. Creating good comedy on the spot in front of an audience is very hard so we both prefer agonising over writing and re-writing and rehearsing for a good year before we commit something to the stage. It’s much more fun. It’s also less efficient, but there we are.

L: I was a big fan of sketch comedy from a young age, I always wanted to have my own show. I’d auditioned lots of people, mentally, before I met Jack but none of them, theoretically, worked out. Oh and we are both former NewsRevuers, which is an excellent grounding.

What inspires your low brow, high camp comedic style?

J: Well Laura is pretty low-brow (rude) and I’m pretty high camp so I guess I’d say it’s us. We inspire ourselves.

L: That’s right Jack, just like Matthew McConnaughy, I am my own Hero. If you haven’t heard his Oscar speech from 2014, you should check it out. What a guy…

Your sketches observe and satirise modern life. How do you decide which aspects of the world should get the MOTHER treatment?

J: I wouldn’t say we’re particularly trying to make a point with anything we do. To be honest most of the stuff I tend to write is inspired by people and things I find a bit annoying (like I said, we inspire ourselves). We have a bit in the show called The Conveyor Belt of Awful People and performing that is a very cathartic experience for me.

L: Unlike Jack, I am trying to make a point. Many, many points in fact. I’m not going to tell you what they are, you have to see the show and decide what they are for yourselves.

You’ve had an amazing 2019, with a sell out run in Brighton and a hit debut show at Edinburgh. What is your plan to top that success in 2020?

J: We’d really like to buy some mansions this year. That’s the dream. No, I think we’d just like to do it all again but a bit better to be honest. Especially after doing the show for a month in Edinburgh, you realise all the things you want more of and less of and what you want to do differently, so the new show we’re writing is quite different to the last one and a bit of a departure style wise from what we’ve both done before which is exciting and worrying at the same time.

L: I’d like us to be as successful as Matthew McConnaughy. What a guy.

What do you hope people take away from your show?

J: Their empty glasses. It really makes it so much easier for the front of house staff.

L: It’s that type of practical answer that made me fall in love with you Jack.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at the Vault Festival?

J: Bloody loads! Can I just list them? Seayoncé, Just These Please, Dave Bibby, Ophelie Hocquard, Ladylikes, Hot Mess, George Fouracres, Ben Pope, Rob Oldham, Sukh Ojla, Northern Power Blouse, Yuriko Kotani. That enough?

L: Is Matthew McConnaughy in anything? I’d see that.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into comedy?

J: I don’t know anything about stand up, but for me I’d say having a comedy partner has been the best thing. I think working with someone else makes you more accountable for your own work, it makes you realise you’re not always right and it provides you with support and a drinking partner when stuff gets tricky.

L: Chase yourself as your own hero! Honestly Matthew McConnaughy really does know what he’s talking about.

Mother is at Vault Festival from 31st January to 2nd February.

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