“Legs can take you where you mind is too afraid to go.” | Julia Masli and the Duncan Brothers on celebrating all things Legs at Vault Festival

Tell us about the show you’re bringing to the Vault Festival, Legs.

Rob: Our show is called Legs. It’s a show about legs.

Andy: It’s really a show for legs by legs.

Julia: Legs.

We built the show in Edinburgh fringe 2019 where our legs were lucky enough to win the Malcolm Hardee Award for Comic Originality.

What about legs made you feel like they deserved a show dedicated to them?

Rob: It’s true that there are a lot of shows with legs in them. But we still feel they are the neglected limb and have a lot to say but no way of communicating verbally.  So this show is really there to give them a voice.

Andy: Legs. I like them a lot. In recent years I have found myself living more and more in a world of arms with smartphones, hailing taxis and waving goodbye to people in my life. So my new leg focus has really helped me get out and experience new things.

Julia: I think there is an unhealthy sexualisation of legs. Legs are not a sex object they are a limb of immense power and opportunity to do good in the world. Female legs actually make people laugh in this show. Our show Legs is a historical moment for female legs and how they are represented in the media and the entertainment industry.  

Was it difficult to fill an entire show with content centred just on legs?

Julia: No. Having the constraint of legs has helped us build a strange alternate leg universe. Honestly, we could do a three hour show about legs. We still have so much leg content that didn’t make it into the show because of the time constraint. Legs are inspiring. 

Rob: During developing and performing this show I’ve said legs a lot. Regularly during Edinburgh Fringe I would wake my brother up in the night screaming legs. So it has been difficult along the way.

Andy: When developing we have found it’s best not to overthink the process.  In fact, the best tactic is to just disengage the brain and follow your legs.

While writing this show, did you learn anything unexpected about legs?

Rob: We have learnt so much and it still keeps coming.  Legs are everywhere.

Julia: There is no national legs day, the closest is national no-trousers day. This is where people show their legs in all the glory on the tube for one day only on January 14th. 

Andy: Legs are what separates us from our primate cousins.  Allowing us to walk and run. They also actually given us our voice.???????

Julia: Legs can take you where you mind is too afraid to go.

Rob: But seriously We should be using our legs more. With obesity and stress reported illnesses rising. One thing you can do to help reduce these is to get out and walk more. 10,000 steps a day is recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Andy: Not everyone has legs.  But for those who don’t, they will definitely know someone who does, it is a truly relatable subject in that way.

What inspired your surreal comedic style?

Rob: As brothers, Andy and Rob have known each other for ages. They and Julia met on a week-long clowning retreat in the welsh countryside led by Phil Burgers (Dr Brown),  so he is one of our inspirations. We were lucky to be directed by Dan Lees (The Establishment) on this show who has really helped us have fun with it.

Andy: Banana skins were always a feature on the family kitchen floor.  As so we learnt mistakes are the biggest comedy gift. And being two dysLEGsic brothers, mistakes are inevitable and clowning has shown us the joy of these mistakes. 

Julia: The great thing about working as a trio is that we can be inspired by each other. We are always laughing and having fun together. I pee myself a little all the time. No one makes me laugh as much as The Duncan Brothers, so it’s easy. 

What do you hope people take away from your show?

Julia: A new appreciation of our legs, their own legs and legs in general.

Rob: A large grin and the urge to spontaneously shout legs repeatedly. Maybe the urge to skip the bus and walk home.

Andy: We also have an unconventional attitude to walkouts, which are celebrated in our show.  If people are inspired to use their legs then this is truly a blessing.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at the Vault Festival?

Julia: Oh yes lots,  so many talented legs are performing in the festival. 

Andy: Too many too name. We particularly recommend Privates: A Sperm Odyssey.

Rob: And of course there is Julia’s other show Anna KareniNa Na Na with the Pushkinettes.

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into comedy?

Julia: We have really enjoyed the collaborative process of working together and with Dan.  Always think, “What can I do that would be wild? What makes me feel sooo excited? What would be absolutely crazy…?” Then do that.

Rob: Set some achievable goals and just get started. Also it is great to work with other people as it can be a lonely road and it makes it a lot more fun to walk it together. So you can laugh at the highs and the lows.

Andy: If you are in comedy trio divide the work. For example this is not Andy at all. It’s me, Rob I have written all of these answers.

Julia, Rob and Andy are performing Legs at the Soho Theatre from 9th to 11th January and then at Vault Festival from 7th to 9th February.

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