It’s officially the end of the jenky Blizzard schedule

Despite our very best intentions, Blizzard has never been what you’d call a regular show.

When we first conceived of the idea, we wanted it to be on a Thursday, preferably towards the end of the month. It felt like a good day of the week because it wasn’t competing with the other brilliant comedy shows Manchester puts on throughout the week. That, as you all know, did not happen.

Our first show was on a Thursday. Then, due to the venue’s busy schedule, we didn’t have another free Thursday for quite some time. We could mostly get the stage on Mondays and sometimes not even then.

We also didn’t manage to make it a regularly monthly show. We just about averaged out at one show per month, but more because we’re obligated to our Patrons to do so than because we had access to good dates. We can only hope you forgive us for the jenkiness of our schedule so far.

But as of the New Year, that’s all going to change!

From now on, we will officially be on the Gullivers stage on the last Monday of every month.

It’s still not what we had planned in the beginning, but it’s a much better structure than we’ve had so far and we’re feeling incredibly positive about it.

Our first show is on Monday 27th January, featuring headline act Eleanor Morton. Tickets will be available to book soon.

Thank you to everyone who has tolerated our inconsistency up until now. And to everyone who came to a show or donated money to the show or supported us on Patreon or bought any of our merch. Or gave us so much as a like or a share on Facebook or Twitter. Or voted for us for Best Comedy Club at City Life Manchester. Without all of you, we wouldn’t still be putting on a show.

We hope we’ll see much more of you in the coming year. Potentially, hopefully, years.