Introducing your line up for Blizzard #9 on Thursday 19th December

IT’S CHRIIIIIIIIIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAAAS And oh boy do we have a show for you

Our aim is to provide a comedy space that is safe for all, and as such we have a strict content policy on: No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Classism, Ablism, Fatphobia etc. And we make every effort to content warn any potentially triggering material that may take place.

Afraid of audience interaction? At Blizzard there is no unsolicited or forced audience participation – if you agree to take part in audience participation, you may get a sticker at the door, otherwise, you can rest assured knowing that no one is going to pressure you into getting directly involved.

Headlining our fabulous Christmas show is the magnificent


Jonathan Mayor is developing into a huge, huge cult. He is one of the finest comperes in the country, capable of settling even the rowdiest crowds with savage wit and a high octane stage presence. When Jonathan arrives, its showtime, engaging the audience both on and off-stage. He is one of the few acts who will not only perform when the stage lights are on, but also wander among the crowd, chatting and charming – truly “hosting” the night. It is this that has made him the most requested compere by audiences at many venues – including as a resident compere at Manchester’s Frog and Bucket, where the list has included Johnny Vegas, Peter Kay, Dave Spikey and Steve Coogan. It also explains the huge variety of work he is asked to do across the country, including burlesque shows, cabaret nights, Pride festivals, biker festivals, corporate occasions, street theatre, gourmet nights at some of Manchester’s top restaurants, balls, weddings, civil partnerships, birthday parties and poetry nights. Presenting experience includes The North West Comedy Awards 2006 alongside Bradley Walsh and in 2007 alongside Dave Spikey.

As a headline act, Jonathan sets the stage alight with his razor sharp audience banter and stunning charisma. But don’t be fooled by the glitter and glamour, underneath lies an intelligent line of socio-political humour, from a unique and fascinating perspective, He will reduce any audience to hysterics whether they are erudite, worthy, Radio 4 listeners or the drunkest Friday night crowd.

“A self-obsessed glittery queen with a larger than life personality who arrives on stage in a bamboozling mix of innuendo.” – Manchester Evening News

“An incredible presence on the stage. Mesmerising to watch and an extremely articulate improviser. Fantastic.” – XS Malarkey

“A true Diva of our times.” –

“Bolshy but delightful” – Manchester Online

Supporting Jonathan we have:


Ash has been on the circuit for over two years. He has performed all over the country with his eccentric storytelling and high energy stage persona. Once described as a ‘friendly misanthrope.’ Fiercely proud of his working class upbringing and underdog mentality… He also resembles several murderers.


South East New Comedian of the Year 2018 – Winner

Frog and Bucket World Series 2017 – Winner

“Very funny with a distinctive comic voice” – Nish Kumar

“Kathryn is one of those new comedians that makes you want to quit she’s so prodigious. She’s a brilliant and unique voice.”– Kiri Pritchard-McLean

★★★★★ “A revelation… The Rochdale comic does a fine line in lugubriousness (the accent helps) and has some imaginatively skewed takes on things. Perfectly delivered asides… She’s very impressive” – The Wee Review

“The ultra-cynical Kathryn Mather… used to be a children’s entertainer, and now seems to relish the chance to explore darker thoughts her old job would never allow. Her black humour certainly hit a chord with the room.” – Chortle

“It’s not controversy for controversy’s sake, it’s deftly handled and occasionally veers towards surreal.” – Cup of Beans

“Mather, whose material is dark, sharp, largely unprintable and often downright bizarre. Her set was a crowd favourite, managing to never offend while delivering no-holds-barred material.” –The Oxford Times


Ian Jay was a stuntman in Films and TV he started his career in 93 with the film First Knight and the last thing he worked on was the Dark Knight as the Joker’s henchmen things have gone markedly down hill from there Ian now performs stand-up. Why the change? Well, the Parkinson bomb dropping was one reason. And he is a bit of an old Fart now, he doesn’t mind laughing at himself and just hopes you will join in.


The premier surreal, prop-based comedy act from his house, nay, home, it’s safe to say if he were King Arthur, he would have pulled the sword from the stone, because that’s what King Arthur did.

You can read more about King Arthur in T. H. White’s masterpiece, “The Once and Future King”.

And featuring guest hosts: NO MONEY IN THE BANK

Blizzard Comedy favourites (No) Money in the Bank, otherwise known as Thom Bee & Andrew Marsh are comedians, friends and absolute weirdos. The pair bonded at a show over their mutual love of wrestling, pop-punk and 90s sitcoms, and now all they do is create shows that reflect these mutual loves. Currently working on turning transforming their love of angsty pop-punk into an hour of comedy nonsense.

“… [it] highlights the weird and bizarre elements of the glorious sport of professional wrestling, but embraces with warmth and humour, and it is an essential watch to any wrestling fan.” – Newsplex.

“An absolute must for comedy and wrestling fans.” – Screen Jabber.

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