“There’s so much room to have fun and make something amazing from mess.” | Kerry Guy on the mess and mayhem of designing watercolour tattoos

How did you get into tattoo art?

It’s something I’ve always been interested in! As a kid I broke my leg and was in traction for a while and the only way to keep me quiet was to sit and draw or read. At the time my sister, who’s 12 years older than me, was getting tattoos. I thought they were amazing so said from there I wanted to colour people in for a living!! 

What drew you to the watercolour style?

It’s messy!! When I started doing art at high school and college they always taught us to stay in the lines and do things a certain way. With watercolour there’s so much room to just have fun with it but still make something amazing from mess! 

Do you have any particular techniques you use to create your colourful splashes?

Everyone has a different way of tattooing and after a while you do find ways you prefer working. I find using a smaller needle to get some of the smaller details in the splashes works best for me but other watercolour artists will do it completely different!

What advice would you give to someone considering getting their first tattoo?

Research your artist!! Look at as many different artists as you can to find someone with a style you love! Also make sure you eat and bring sugary snacks to your appointment! 

How do you reassure people who are nervous about getting tattoos?

I try and make everything as clear as possible to them and make sure to explain what I’m doing either before or as I’m doing it. I try and answer any questions or concerns they have before I start and always make sure to start with a little line just so they can get a sense of how it feels before continuing! Trying to make them laugh to take their mind off the nerves helps too! 

What made you want to tattoo every single Pokemon?

I had a bit of a creative block one day and didn’t know what to draw and I noticed the Pokemon I have tattooed on myself and thought meh! Let’s draw some Pokemon! I really liked the way I was designing them and thought it’d be fun to try and challenge myself and do them all! 

What Pokemon do you think is going to be the left until last?

Jynx, most likely Jynx. Although it could be Trubbish because its literally a bag of rubbish! Haha.

As well as designing the new Blizzard logo, you’ve also worked with (No) Money in the Bank on art for their show. Did you expect that comedians with poor impulse control would factor so much into your career?

I honestly didn’t! But I love it! Working with Blizzard and with (No) Money in the Bank was and is amazing! Both are genuinely lovely people and amazing to be around and work with! 

What is your trick to designing art made to go on skin?

I don’t really have a trick! When I first started designing tattoos I thought they had to be done a certain way in a certain style, but after working at Inkin I’ve found that we literally just make art! There’s no specific way to design a tattoo, I just draw things I like or I think others will like and hope for the best. Although taking body shape and muscles into consideration to make it sit well and heal well are very big factors when designing.

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

Keep trying! If you want something hard enough it will happen if you work at it! Try and put some time aside each day to practice something you struggle with and keep at it!! Also remember art is expressive, there’s no right or wrong to what you create! It’s your art and someone will love it! 

We’d like to thank Kerry for taking the time to talk to us and for designing our awesome new logo.

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