“I just cant wait to get out there and have some fun!” | Jack Gleadow on reviving variety in Mr Saturday Night

Tell us about your show, Mr Saturday Night.

The show is about what it takes to be an entertainer and my journey so far in this business we call show. Looking at the highs, the lows and the Macarena. I talk about working in retail, Bruce Forsyth and being banned from The Magic Circle when I was 14. You know, the usual stuff.

What inspired your old school comedy style?

I think its my love of old school comedians such as Morecambe and Wise and Norman Wisdom, Freddie Starr, Norman Collier. I only think that in retrospect, its not a style I specifically designed – I just do what I find funny!

This year you performed your show at the Edinburgh Fringe. How did your fringe run go?

It was great to perform my show every day. I learnt a lot about performing to different audiences and overall enjoyed the month. It allowed me to become a better comedian – where else can you get over 26 hours of stage time in a month!?

This was your first time performing at the fringe. What was the most important thing you learned from your fringe debut?

I’ve performed at the fringe for the last 6 years but this was my first time doing a solo show so it was very stressful but still massively enjoyable. I think coming to the fringe for so many years made it a lot easier for me in understanding how it all runs.

How does it feel bringing your show to your home town?

Amazing especially because it’s such a huge gig. This is the venue where I used to go see my comedy idols, never imagining one day I’d be performing my own solo show there. The fact that it is very nearly sold out is unbelievable to me. I just cant wait to get out there and have some fun!

What do you hope people take away from your show?

The chairs, they’re not mine so you’re very welcome to them.

Are there any other shows you’re looking forward to at the Hull Comedy Festival?

I cant actually make any of the shows sadly but I’d recommend you see Lucy Beamont, Jed Salisbury, Fran Garrity, Stevie Gray, Katie Pritchard, Scott Bennett – you know what, just go to all the shows!

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to break into comedy?

The best advice I was given was by Richard Herring who said to me as a student when I asked the same question- “just do it” and it is as simple as that. If you want to do it just give it a go. In terms of writing and other bits, just do what you think is funny and don’t try to impress anyone because you’ll end up not being happy with the material yourself.

Jack is performing Mr Saturday Night on 1st November.

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