“Yes, I hesitate sometimes, but when I overcome that, good things happen.” | Victoria Blisse on crafting bespoke erotica for the next Blizzard

How did you get into writing erotica?

This is what I call the lesser known ‘I had a dream’ speech. Because, I had a dream. A sexy dream. It wouldn’t leave me alone so I told my husband about it. He told me to write it down, so I did. He read it, enjoyed it and said I should put it onto the internet for fellow pervs to enjoy. I submitted it to literotica.com and people liked it! I loved the feedback so much, I continued to write erotica to get more feedback. What can I say, I’m a bit of an attention whore.

Was it daunting connecting your private life to your career?

Yes, it really was. For many, many years I used my blog just to talk about my books which were mostly fictional. It was very much a way for me to try to sell my books. I’d write the occasional personal piece when I was visiting an event I thought my readers would be interested in but that was it.

But I had a revelation, during a conversation with the Amazing Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss at Eroticon a few years ago, that all my posts were essentially the same thing, time and time again. So I decided to shake it up. No more book promotions, just real life bogs about real life happenings.

It was quite a jump to go from fiction to fact, and I did worry about it a little, putting myself out there so rawly. But the sex blogging community was amazing and it’s been such a wonderfully empowering experience, I can’t ever imagine going back now.

Also, I’m really lucky to have an incredibly supportive family. They all know what I do and don’t take issue with it at all. And if someone can’t take the smut? Well then they can’t take me. As it permeates everything I do.

Have you ever hesitated writing about your personal life for an audience?

I do on a regular basis. Sometimes I decide to write and put it out there, other times I don’t. How do I choose? Sometimes it’s dictated by the other person in the scenes I’m writing about. If they don’t want it shared, it won’t be. I always get consent before sharing anything that involves another person and I always use aliases for them too.

Sometimes I’ll decide it’s something I want to keep to myself or that maybe I’m not ready to share yet. I am constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone and sharing posts that show my vulnerabilities.

I try to be very fat positive in my work. Sometimes I find myself hiding things away—especially in images—because I am so used to covering up in a society that is so very fatphobic in many ways. I’m learning to post those things anyway because I always get such wonderful support when I do, it’s uplifting. It gets a little bit easier to be fat positive with every photo of my wobbly bits I share and every time I write about my experiences of being fat.

Yes, I hesitate sometimes to write and share my experiences but when I overcome that, good things happen.

Where do your ideas come from?

All over the place. Sometimes it’s experiences I’ve had, sometimes things come to me as I sit staring out of a bus window. Sometimes a song will trigger off a thought which becomes a poem or a story. It might be something someone says to me or it could be a thought that just trundles through my mind.

Ideas are all around, and I do have amazing muses in my life. I’m incredibly lucky to have so much to get my creative juices going!

What do you hope people take away from your writing?

Oh, at very least I hope they go away entertained. If they don’t, I’ve not done my job very well have I? I’d love it if they felt something, if my writing inspired them to do something good or helps them think about things in their own life. As most of it’s erotic, I kinda hope they get turned on too.

Basically, if they go away feeling good in some way, I’m a happy bunny.

Who is your favourite writer that we’ve never heard of?

Oh Gosh, there are so many. I will give you the gift of KD Grace, the best erotic writer I know. All her works are amazing.

Tell us about being Writer in Residence at Cocktails and Fuck Tales.

I am incredibly proud to be Writer in Residence at the night dedicated to the underrated art of dirty storytelling!

My first Cocktails and Fuck Tales was back in January, I went because a friend essentially begged me too. I really thought I’d not be able to get to many of them, being on the other side of the Pennines to me in Leeds but I haven’t missed one since.

That *might* have something to do with the fact I am completely in love with Quenby, the creator and host and we’ve been going out for 7 months now. But that’s not the only reason.

It’s such a friendly, welcoming and inclusive night. The performances are always amazing and the open mic always blows me away. You never know what people are going to talk about. Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s deep, sometimes it’s kinky as fuck but it’s always sex positive and it’s always brilliant.

As writer in residence, I always read one of my works as part of the open mic, I love it. The immediate feedback of the audience’s reaction is wonderful. I look forward to it every month and I’m so excited to see Cocktails & Fuck Tales coming to my home city of Manchester on the 23rd October.

Tell us about the Smut Markets you run.

Smut Market is a small, independent kinky fetish market that we run at a little local dungeon every month with a 5th Saturday in it. We have lots of amazing traders with much inventive kinkery and we pride ourselves on our warm, welcoming atmosphere. The next one is the 30th of November and totally free. So if you’re curious check out Smutmarket.UK for more details and come say hello!

Doesn’t matter if you’re super kinky or just a lil’ curious, there’s something for everyone and it gives you an opportunity to visit a BDSM dungeon, you don’t get every day do you?

What made you want to get ordained?

Honestly, I didn’t really have a desire to get ordained but the opportunity came my way and I realised then it was something I did want.

So, Rev David Grey is awesome. He’s often known as the Punk Monk, which tells you a lot. I met him one day and a few hours later I was being interviewed on his radio show. We became good friends and a year later he took me and my son to our first ever Manchester Pride.

It was David who approached me about becoming ordained as part of refreshing ministry. I said yes and 3 years ago, at Manchester pride I was ordained for the work I do in the kink, erotica and sex blogging communities.

So I am the kinky Rev. My Dog collar is a BDSM collar that I had made specially. I don’t have a church, all kinky fuckers are my flock and I don’t do sermons but if anyone needs any support to do with spirituality and their sexuality then I’m there for them.

How do you respond to people who say being ordained conflicts with your other work?

My faith doesn’t clash at all with my smut. Sex is not a sin. Enjoying sex is not a sin. I’ll even get biblical if the question asks for it.

I have to say it took a while for me to get to this conclusion confidently myself because of the guilt piled on me by the church. For many years I questioned my decision to write erotica. Every time I prayed about it though, positive things happened to Victoria Blisse, erotic author. I soon realised I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was born this way, baby.

I think it’s super important to let people know that your sexuality, your kinks, your sex life are things to celebrate and embrace, not to feel guilty about. Faith and sex go hand in hand. I Thank God *a lot* when I’m having sexy fun times!

Without giving too much away, what do you have planned for the piece you’re currently writing for Blizzard?

Oh, that’s easy. I don’t really know. I mean, you can hear the little bit I wrote in the 10 minutes break at the last Blizzard Comedy night. See, I wandered in all innocent like and ended up writing monster fucker erotica based on the prompts that Umby and members of the audience came up with.

What is my life?

Anyway, I will keep it light-hearted, funny and hopefully a bit sexy but I don’t plan for it to be super serious. I mean, it’s for a comedy night isn’t it?

However, If anyone would like to read the serious, spooky monster fucker story I actually wrote with the notes I took before the last Blizzard, then The Call of the Beast is available on my website.

Do you have any advice for aspiring erotica writers?

Keep on writing. We are all pretty shit when we start out. What makes you better is practice. Keep on writing, write what you find sexy or intriguing and enjoy it. The rest will all follow in time.

Victoria is bringing a bespoke erotica piece to Blizzard Comedy on Sunday 8th December.

Book your free ticket here.

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