We’ve revised our Patreon tiers

When we were first set up our Patreon, we didn’t expect it to get much attention for a considerable amount of time. It was something we thought was worth having but doubted would be of much interest to too many people early on.

We were wrong.

We had a handful of Patrons from the first show. And we could not be more grateful for their support. They usually all come to shows and they’re some of the best people we could possibly know.

In the past months, we’ve had a bit of freedom to play around with the idea of merch, which has been cool. But a lot of the options we have when it comes to putting our logo on stuff kinda suck. You have to buy them in bulk, which can be more expensive than we’d like, and often we have a bunch of leftovers. And we only have a limited pool of things to buy, most of which are more aimed at corporations taking branded tat to conferences. Which isn’t really our thing.

So we decided to review our Patreon page to align it better with our values.

We’re leaving it largely the same. Any pledge at all will get people early access to book tickets. $5 pledges will get access to exclusive content on the Patreon page.

From now on, instead of $10 Patrons getting a small gift, like a badge or similar, we’ll be donating a tree in their name to the Trillion Trees Campaign. Backers will still get a signed flier at every show, but we won’t be cluttering up their house with crap with a snowflake on it any more.

$20 and higher pledges will still get a gift, as well as a tree donated in their name.

At the moment we’re reaching out to independent creators to collaborate on unique merch that offers something a bit more special than the usual stuff you can bulk buy online.

We also think that this will help us do our bit, because from the start we wanted to get involved with charitable efforts. We have more things in that vein in the pipeline that we’re hoping to start implementing by our next show. Keep a look out for that!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us so far, whether by backing us on Patreon or coming to a show or just telling you Manchester-based mates we exist.

If you want to support live comedy and help us plant some trees, please consider backing us on Patreon here.