“It’s important to start thinking what could go right rather than what could go wrong.” | Gabby Killick on bringing the bitch back for the Women in Comedy Festival

Tell us about your show, Girlfriend From Hell – The Bitch Is Back.

Girlfriend From Hell – The Bitch Is Back is a solo sketch comedy show offering life hacks on today’s dating and partying scene. The show is very physical I use my body, facial expressions and range of accents to create scenes and characters.

GFHBIB is a unique insight into the mindset of today’s girls and guys about town, offering useful advice on everything from how to end your love affair with Chardonnay to how to handle an anxious App threatened with deletion. It also looks at the pressures of social media and how we’re all in a very personal and dangerous relationship with our phones.

Plus, guidance on the best flirty filters to use when you want your ex’s new partner to clock how good you look and top tips on how to walk when you’ve taken too much ketamine. Remember it’s never too early to start stalking your ex…

How much does it relate to your last show, Girlfriend From Hell?

It’s majority a new show but similar themes like jealousy, bitchiness and partying occur throughout both shows. The few sketches that I have kept in the sequel have all been developed so they feel fresh and revamped.

Girlfriend From Hell was a show about a girl who is obsessed with her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend. The character Gabby is constantly stalking her on Instagram and is always directly comparing herself to her. In the new show The Bitch Is Back you actually meet Instagram herself and she tells us what she thinks of the new girl and she’s very Sassy!

What made you want this show to be a sequel, rather than something completely new?

The old show was working. And I felt as a writer and as a performer I had only skimmed the surface with it. I had more in me to say on the topics that I had already written about. And it didn’t feel right to put a show to bed that I felt still could grow.

However, I know it’s important to keep shows fresh, so I went back to the script and just edited it like mad. The best sketches I kept and developed. And for the remaining stage time I had to fill, I had loads of new and exciting stories just pouring out of me that fitted in nicely with the themes already within the show. So, the two things combined created the sequel Girlfriend From Hell – The Bitch Is Back.

Centring on love, this show must be quite personal. Is it difficult talking about things that are usually private in rooms full of strangers?

I’ve never had an issue with being embarrassed on stage and I think that’s because my show is narrated by a character that I invented. I use that as a coping mechanism, if I ever think “oh god, this is really cringe…” I just remember it’s not me telling a personal secret of mine, it’s Gabby the character showing off to people who want to listen and want to be entertained so just GO FOR IT!

Has writing this show taught you any secrets about love and relationships you’re willing to share with us now?

HAHA I wish! No, I’m sorry I can’t say I’ve got a book of secrets on securing you a dazzling romance. But maybe I can offer a tip … GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!!

We’ve become so spoiled with technology that starting a conversation with stranger that you like the vibe off has somehow become terrifying.

We all need to become old school again. Think about how our grandparents would have lived. We need to normalise approaching someone when we’re out and just saying ‘hi’ and seeing what happens.

I think everyone around the world has wished at some point they took the leap and said to ‘hi’ to the person they liked the look of at the bar, or in the park, on the tube or wherever and we miss those opportunities because we’re frightened of rejection. Remember someone not being that into you is not as embarrassing as you think!

We are so attached to the idea of finding someone but totally glued to our phones. So rather than checking Instagram 1000 times a second when you’re out just look up and see what’s actually going on right in front of you. It could be someone really special.

Take a risk… say hello… in person!

What made you want to debut the show at the Women in Comedy Festival?

I was so excited to be asked to perform in the festival. There are so many talented women on the circuit and we all have different and unique styles. And for us all to be celebrated in the Women in Comedy Festival is a real honour to be a part of.

Are there any other shows at the Festival that you recommend people catch?

Go and see Desiree Burch – Desiree’s Coming Early. It’s hilarious and she’s totally captivating on stage!

How do you think comedy as an industry could improve to be more supportive of women?

The comedy industry is changing. It’s important that comedy clubs, theatres and open mics always mix it up and offer audiences variety.

It’s so boring when you watch the same 4 males acts do the same thing over and over again. Audiences are unique and are growing bigger and bigger, it’s vital that everyone watching can find something they relate to. However, sharing the same gender isn’t enough. Yes, more and more women are getting on line-ups each night which is fantastic to see but why stop there?

The comedy industry on a much wider scale needs to start showcasing comedy acts that aren’t just your standard ‘joke tellers’. The comedy circuit offers so much more than that – you’ve got sketch acts, character comedy, magic comedy, mime act’s, street performers, etc.! And whatever gender they identify as we all share a passion for comedy and we’re all itching to perform. So, my message to the comedy industry is give everyone a platform to shine!

Do you have any advice for other women looking to break into comedy?

It’s important to just got for it. I get a lot of people saying to me they’ve always wanted to try stand up but they’re too scared. My advice is always the same – you’ve got to want it more than you’re afraid of it.

There’s a great quote about failing that I really love. It reads “What if I fall? Oh, my darling but what if you fly!” I always think of that every time I perform especially if I’m feeling a bit nervous. It’s important to start thinking what could go right rather than what could go wrong. And I really believe that.

Upcoming tour dates for Girlfriend From Hell – The Bitch Is Back
Frog and Bucket – Manchester – 12th October
Drink Art Bar – Newcastle – 14th October
Basement Bar – York – 16th October
Yellow Arch – Sheffield – 17th October
Hope to see you there!

Gabby is performing her show Girlfriend From Hell – The Bitch Is Back on October 12th as part of the Women In Comedy Festival.

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