12 solid gold shows you can’t miss at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

Each year, the most creative and wonderful minds from all over the world descend on Edinburgh to show off what they do best. If you had all the money and all the caffeine in the world to keep you awake all month, you would barely make a dent in the wealth of talent that comes to the fringe.

If you’re not feeling up to the task of wading through every programme to find the gold, we’ve picked out some of our top picks for you.

Don Biswas – Left Wing Conspiracy Theorist with Dyspraxia 2

The kind of comedian that takes comedy back to its anti-establishment roots, Don Biswas is following up his roaring success of a debut with this year’s new show. Left-Wing Conspiracy Theorist With Dyspraxia 2 tears apart the very institutions of society in a way that does not hold back and does so in a way that channels his righteous anger into genuine hilarity.

The show runs from August 11-18 at Laughing Horse @ The Lock Up

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Jessica Fostekew – Hench

The host of The Guilty Feminist podcast and 8 Out of 10 Cats writer Jessica Fostekew is appearing at this year’s fringe with her new show Hench. It has already been nominated for the Best Show award after she took it to the Leicester Comedy Festival. Don’t miss it.

The show runs from August 1-25 at Monkey Barrel Comedy.

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Josie Long – Tender

Josie Long’s Tender explores both climate change and motherhood in a moving and beautiful show that makes you laugh so hard you with choke on your own breath. It is heartfelt and wholesome in a way that you wouldn’t imagine a show that talks about the impending destruction of our planet should be.

The show runs from August 1-25 at The Stand Comedy Club.

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Laura Lexx – Knee Jerk

An absolutely firecracker of an act, Laura Lexx is smashing the comedy circuit at every opportunity and her new show is no different. After selling out her run last year, Knee Jerk at this year’s fringe explores the effort you have to make to be a good person in today’s society and to get through life having made a positive impact on the world.

The show runs from August 1-25 at Gilded Balloon Teviot.

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Lou Sanders – Say Hello To Your New Step-Mummy

Brash, blunt and brutally funny, Lou Sanders is taking a break from crushing it across TV’s best comedy shows to bring her new show to the Edinburgh fringe. She’s taking on the media and mental health with a generous dose of dick jokes and unsolicited advice sprinkled in.

The show runs from August 4-13 and 15-25 at Monkey Barrel Comedy.

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Luisa Omielan – Politics For Bitches (Extended Cut)

After her 2018 show sold out and her BBC One series blew the roof off the license fee, Luisa Omelian is returning to the fringe for just three night. Politics For Bitches (Extended Cut) is the kind of show you not only want to see, but want to get your tickets booked well in advance, because there is not going to be an empty seat and people are going to be talking about this for a long time.

The show runs from August 23-25 at Gilded Balloon Teviot.

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Nish Kumar – It’s In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves

Preceded by his reputation for not only calling out the establishment but managing to convince the BBC to let him do it, Nish Kumar’s show at this year’s fringe doesn’t pull its punches. If you’re not already suitably impressed by his approach to comedy, politics and mankind’s impending doom, please at least be impressed by the Terminator 2 reference in the title.

The show runs from August 19-25 at Assembly George Square.

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Olga Koch – If/Then

A comedy show and a love story, Olga Koch explores the intense relationship between her two expert topics: love and computer programming. Olga is the kind fo all round wonderful performer that you don’t forget in a hurry and her new show is guaranteed to be a winner.

The show runs from August 2-25 at Monkey Barrel Comedy.

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Raul Kohli – All My Heroes Are Dead, In Jail, Or Touched Up Your Nan

To be quite honest, Raul’s show is fairly self-explanatory. He spent his entire life looking up to people who turned out to be secretly awful. At this year’s fringe, he dissects society to figure out how and why these people got away with their perversions for so long and how the world is going to cope going forward.

The show runs from August 4-12 and 14-25 at The Beehive Inn.

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Ros Ballinger – Better Than Dying Alone

It is time to get incredibly personal with Ros Ballinger at this year’s fringe. An intensely detailed romp through Ros’s sexual antics in pursuit of some tangible answers when it comes to love. Following up from last year’s show The Idiot’s Guide to Kink, Ros is already selling out shows so you’ll want to get your tickets booked quickly.

The show runs from August 2-24 at Sweet Grassmarket.

Read our interview with Ros here.

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Sofie Hagen – The Bumswing

Multi-award winning comedian, author of the incredible Happy Fat, host of the Made of Human and Secret Dinosaur Cult podcasts, Sofie Hagen is at the core of what makes today’s comedy scene so damn good. If you miss her show, you’ve wasted your trip to Edinburgh. That’s it.

The show run from July 31 – 25 August at the Pleasance Dome.

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Yuriko Kotani – Somosomo

Yoriko Kotani’s remarkable insights into the cultural clash between her life in England and her Japanese heritage has kept comedy audiences across the country enrapt for year. Now, she’s bringing her first solo show to the fringe. It’s going to be amazing and you want to be there.

The show runs from July 31 – 26 August at the Pleasance Courtyard.

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