4 shows you should not miss at this year’s Camden Fringe

Edinburgh is overflowing with stellar comedians right now. But there’s plenty of talent left around the rest of the country to keep those of us who can’t make it to the fringe entertained.

Of course, the very best are saving their strength for the next Blizzard show at the end of the month.

But the Camden Fringe has just kicked off with some truly amazing shows. While we recommend checking out the full listings for yourself, we’ve found a few that we think are unmissable.

Eryn Tett – Fantastic

When an act is this smart and cool, it’s a travesty whenever you can’t see them live. Luckily for you, Eryn Tett is performing her first ever solo show Fantastic at The Camden Fringe. Fantastic is the kind of show that really takes you on an adventure through the whimsical world that exists within Eryn’s mind.

See Eryn perform on August 7 at The Albany.

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Tiernan Douieb – That’s Enough Now

Host of the Partly Political Broadcast, Tiernan Douieb’s sharp and piercing take on the day-to-day is addictive thanks to its insight and general hilarity. His new show at the Camden Fringe promises his usual biting take-down of the political situation, alongside some choice hot takes on everything from parenting to petrol stations.

See Tiernan perform on August 5 at Camden Comedy Club.

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Siân Docksey – Canary

If the image of a little yellow bird with a woman’s head on it isn’t enough to convince you that a fringe show is absolutely worth seeing, then I’m not sure what will. All we’re saying is, if you’re still undecided, please just take our word for it that this is a show that guarantees a good time.

See Siân performing from August 7-10 at the Etcetera Theatre.

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Benji Waterstones – A-Z Mental Health Atlas

In a world of impending climate change, rampant capitalism and an economy built against ever letting anyone having anything nice, it should be obvious why the collective mental health is falling into the gutter. NHS junior doctor, psychiatrist and comedian Benji Waterstones is raising awareness for mental health and dissecting it all in one excellent show at this year’s Camden fringe.

See Benji on 18-19 August at the Camden Comedy Club.

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