“I look like shit but my heart is full of love.” | Josie Long’s Tender gives you hope for the future

While Josie Long has certainly been busy in recent years, it has been some time since she brought a new show to the fringe. This year, she’ll be performing Tender in Edinburgh for almost all of August.

Without beating around the bush, the show is bloody wonderful. It is wholesome and heartfelt and leaves you leaving with the kind of hope for humanity that is frankly a rare experience these days.

Josie blends an infectious euphoria of new motherhood with a serious concern for the environment.

She jumps effortlessly between critiques of the state of the world and personal anecdotes. When it comes to pregnancy and giving birth and dealing with having a newborn baby, the show is charmingly graphic. Her approach to environmental issues highlight the seriousness of them, but via a celebration of the people fighting for positive change. Side by side, these create a wonderful sense of perspective.

Josie doesn’t shy away from the world’s problems, but has managed to address them directly through the medium of a joyful and lovely show.

There are obviously going to be people (a term here used loosely) who will complain about female comedians talking about babies and periods and pregnancy. But, with all due respect, those people can fuck off. Those things have as much potential to be funny as anything else. When the punchlines are good enough, the topic shouldn’t matter.

And every joke Josie tells is pure gold. If the idea of trying to tolerate three minutes of small talk with a human head hanging out of your vagina doesn’t make you laugh, then Josie long deserves a better audience than you.

You shouldn’t need to be told to go see Josie Long’s show. She has been an award-winning comedian since she was 17 and she is consistently crushing it to this day. But we’re telling you anyway. Go see Josie Long.

5 stars

Josie’s show Tender is at The Stand from August 1st-25th at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

More info here: https://www.josielong.com/josies-shows/tender/

Tickets here: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/josie-long-tender

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